When to Allow our Children to Work

AFGHAN CHILD LABOR photos by Chien-Min Chung

Children who have extra talent and time sometimes have the opportunity to work and get paid. It can be an educational experience for them to value time and money. However, before you allow them, you should observe the following:

1.0 It must be less important than school. If he has to sacrifice one of them, then it must be the work.
2.0 It must be decided by your child, not you or anyone else. Do not force or brainwash them to do it.
3.0 It must be balanced with play, proper exercise and rest. It is their right to grow as a normal child.
4.0 It must be safe and not be harmful to their health and development.
5.0 It must be supervised by an adult at all times and trials should be performed first.
6.0 It must not be beyond the capacity of your child.
7.0 It must be clear to him where his salary should go. Do not use your child to help your family needs.
8.0 It must not pressure him. If you think he cannot handle it anymore, let him stop.
9.0 It must be advantageous to him, not to his employer.
10.0 It must be with accordance with the law, complete with all the necessary documents and license if applicable.

Remember that it is our duty as parents to work for our children and NOT vice versa.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



November 28, 2007 at 11:05 AM

Children should not be employed. Period.


November 28, 2007 at 8:59 PM

Hi, Joeprah! I was expecting that kind of comment even before I was thinking to make this post. Thanks for the comment and putting a period. It really make sense.