We are sending our Children to School by Guardian Angel

Below is my comment to WE DON’T SEND OUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL by Bo Sanchez which was previously at the bottom of the said post. However, I decided to cut-paste it here as a new post because I feel it would be better here. So here it is again:

I admire the love of Mr. Bo Sanchez to his child and his quest for a safer, more economical and time saving kind of schooling, not to mention the incredible relationship with his kids. However, when I discover other options about doing things, I try to weigh the pros and cons. I have read and understand the pros, and just want to share some cons that I think you should think about too:

1.0 Whatever you do during homeschooling, no matter what you do to imitate the real school, the truth is that you are not still in the real world. This means that people are of many kinds and you cannot put all of them in a homeschool. It is sometimes hard to distinguish a bad guy if you do not see him in person. If that is the case, how can you prepare to defend yourself?

2.0 After homeschooling, what is next, homework? Although there are jobs or work that you can do at home (like blogging), you still have to go outside of your home sometimes, somehow. And in these times, your child will be amazed on what he will see and might ask “This do not really look that bad, why did Mama never showed this to me?”

3.0 It is quite hard to imagine that you being a parent and his school teacher at the same time. Besides that you may not always have the time, your student’s blood is yours, too. There will always be a common line between the two of you, which is almost the same line that you have to separate from you as his parent and as his teacher.

4.0 Based on my experience, youth are more delicate to handle than toddlers. This is because they now can cry for freedom. They tend to discover the outside world, and they want to do it without our presence. If we do not allow them, a rebel will be born.

5.0 Even if you plan to homeschool your child until grade school only, this is still scary. It is like letting a bird out of its cage, but cannot even move its wings alone. Besides falling, the more scary part is that there are wild beasts out there to eat him alive and tear him into pieces while he is falling.

There might be other cons that I did not mention, but the bottom line is real people can only be seen in a real world. There will always be evil because there will always be good and since we cannot always avoid the devils, so why not prepare your child to meet them?

I finished my grade school in a public school, started to earn a living when I was 10, doing odd jobs in the busy streets of Manila, finished high school at Quezon City while selling cigarettes and fetching water for our neighbours in a slum area, and graduated college where pimps and drugs are just around the corner which are being sold like candies. I fell down many times, but stood up brilliantly, as a person and now as a parent. Though I do not want my children to pass where I had been, I am not closing the doors of possibilities. But I am preparing a window and strengthen their wings in case they have to fly away to escape, while sharpening their claws in case they have to defend themselves especially when I am already gone.

NOTE: I cannot invite or discourage you to do something I never tried; I am just here to advise you to check all the corners of the chair before sitting on it.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



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