My Child is “Different”

When we say our child is different, one might think that our child is not normal. Then we start to get angry to our child and even to ourselves, keep asking “why my child?” if this happens, chances are the child will also absorb your anger. We might also feel depressed and hopeless. Here are some “different” kinds of a child and how to cope up, somehow:

1.0 My child acts like a homosexual: This issue may have been tackled many times centuries ago, and many sites are also discussing it simultaneously. But to my point of view, being a homosexual is a choice. It’s a lifestyle and homosexuals are homosexuals because they love being one. I will be inviting endless debates if I will include religion and immorality here. So I think if you notice that your child has a potential to become one, and you do not like it, tell it to your child straight; explain what will be the consequence of his/her choice, and research some information to how to control him. Hurting them or even killing them won’t make them change if they do not want to.
Take note: I did not say I agree or disagree if my child will be one of them. What I am saying is that they are here, whether we like it or not. I face reality.

2.0 My child is sick: This means permanent disabilities like cerebral palsy, autism, and totally blind since birth to name a few. When your child has any of them, your world will crash and may ruin your belief, too. But if you think that this is just a test of your capability and sanity, you can change your child’s deficiency to efficiency.

2.1 Consult a specialist. Know everything about your child’s sickness, medication, therapy and how treat your child like a “normal” one.
2.2 Do not show your child that he is hopeless. Let him do the basic things he can do.
2.3 Cultivate his other gifts and I am sure he has one or even more. There are a lot of people who is suffering from cerebral palsy, but has proven themselves that they can do good, and even better than the normal ones.

3.0 I have a child genius: There are gifted children born with this “talent”, who have an IQ of a genius, like being able to do difficult math, or memorize long poems and different capitals of the world. Although you must be proud to have one, it is NOT always advantageous. This is because he will always be in the limelight, and he may not like it. Take note that he has also special needs like spending money in a “real good” school to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. There are also cases that they are not being recognized which can make him so depressed, and eventually become crazy. That is why parents should first realize if they have this kind of child or not, and must know the right person to ask for advises.

With all of this, “different” children require parents who have “different” gifts of love.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips