How to deal with a Naughty Child

Children can be naughty, which is normal. As child psychologist would say, it is not normal if a child is not naughty. However, parents should be very careful when giving disciplinary actions. Hurting a child too much is very dangerous. He might be rebellious, or have nervous breakdown which he may bring until he grows up. Besides, the law is very strict on this; you may be ending up in jail.
When your child becomes too naughty, definitely he must know that it is wrong. If he does it on the first time, you may scold him and tell him that what he is doing is wrong and what will be the effect of his action. If he does it again, you may scold him again and tell him that he will be hit if he does it again. If he does it again, you can tap his hand or foot, depending on what part of his body that has been “bad”, but not too hard. This is to show him that you are not joking and every “sin” has its own punishment. Moreover, never use “bad words” because there is a big tendency that he will imitate you.

However, there are children who are really difficult to handle. You must investigate this further. Observe carefully the people around him; maybe there is an adult or older child who is convincing him. If so, avoid your child to be near him. You may also seek assistance from a child psychologist.

When I had only my eldest child, I sometimes hit her “quite hard” for being naughty or clumsy, but I realized I made a mistake. I made it up with her; and do not repeat the same mistakes to my son. Now I only use my eyes to discipline them.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



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