How to Encourage your Child to Enjoy Reading

We all know that reading can help our child to increase his knowledge about different things. If he will be fond of reading, he will get used to it and practice this habit until he grows up. Reading books can also keep him away from bad influences of the real world. However, it can also be boring especially if he sees other children not doing it and enjoying the playground. So here are some useful tips on how to do it.

1.0 Have a collection of good books. It is common sense that we should have good books at home. Although we can now get a lot of information on line, books are still more fun to read and can be available any time. But sometimes, we get contented in story books, encyclopedia and dictionary. We forget that there are some other books where our child can learn from. This includes World Atlas, Almanac and other reference books.

2.0 Start as early as possible. It is also better if we start collecting them early so he can be familiar with them during his growing years. When he starts recognizing them, you can find it easy to offer them. Let your child scatter them on the floor so he can easily open them and choose the pages he wants to view. He may not even be reading them but letting him copy them in a piece in a paper can help to be familiar with them.

3.0 Make it enjoyable. Books with a lot of pictures will attract their attention. Fairy tales and fables are good to start with. Not to mention nursery rhymes and children poems. He will be curious to know more about he sees and start asking questions. Be prepared to find easy words in the book and read them together. You can also use his fingers to point the words and be patient to read them slowly, syllable by syllable.

4.0 Assist him religiously. When our child starts to read words by syllables, they read them even if they do not know what they are reading. It is a pity that some parents ignore their child instead of assisting them with the right pronunciation. This usually happens when they are traveling or in a hurry. By spending a bit of your time to stop so that he can program the words into his mind will be a very big help. Furthermore, you can assist them through playing with words. However, never practice baby talk and read how they are really being pronounced.

5.0 Coach him continuously. Helping him is different from teaching him. Do not rely on teachers to teach your child how to read properly. It is not enough that you stop teaching him when he starts to go to school. In fact, this is the right time to coach him because he has now many reading materials and we may find some confusing words. Moreover, let him read a book all over again that he really he likes. In this way, he can easily recognize the words if he sees them again in another book. Practice makes perfect.

Reading can be fun and learning at the same time, no matter how young you are.

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How to Teach your Child to Accept Defeat

Image from Sarah's Serendipitous Chess Page

As our child grows, he will learn how to compete with others. He will discover his talents and other capabilities as a growing individual. Consequently, he will be eager to join contests and feel the excitement of the competition. It can be either be academic contest or a physical sport. Chances are you will allow him to explore in his newly found world. Although deep inside, you are also nervous about the possible result but you are hiding it from him. Now, your fear becomes a reality. Your child did not win. This is the sad part especially if it is first time to join and you saw him prepared so hard just to win. As a parent, it is our duty to come to the rescue. Here are some of the useful tips on how to help him:

1.0 Be a shock absorber. He needs a shoulder to cry on and you must be among the first ones to catch his falling tears. Have your ears wide enough to hear his pain. Allow him to be depressed for a while. It is this tears that he can show his feelings and sadness. It is alright for anybody to cry because it is a part of being human. Hug him tightly and with so much care. It is better if you will not yet talk and take your time to be a good listener. After all, his ears are still closed and your words may not yet be helpful.

2.0 Pacify him. When you noticed that he has somehow released his sorrow, it is now time to calm him down further. Start talking about your feelings about the loss. You can also cry but you must be able to come back to your senses before he does. Your child must get the strength from you and not vice versa. Reassure him that no matter what happened, you will always be there to support him. Show him that nothing has changed on how you love him.

3.0 Never put the blame. Although it seems that the lost was due to his mistake, you must not blame him. Instead, ask him why he made a mistake and be eager to listen to his side. Then try to understand him because the pressure is totally different when you are the one in the field. You must not also do the same if the competition is a group effort. It is easier to judge a particular mistake when you are in the audience. Take note that even Tiger Woods shares some mistakes too.

4.0 Analyze the root cause. You must therefore trace the cause of the defeat. Is it due to the wrong strategies applied, or simply due to pressure that your child cannot manage? In either case, review the whole contest and use a video if there is one available. Then sit down and talk. If you feel that you need to improve his techniques, get some assistance from experts. If you think you have been cheated, get some solid proof and file a complain report. It is very important to know why he lost so that he can prepare for the next game.

5.0 Encourage him. If you feel that he got the talent but he lacks self confidence, you must find ways to build it. This cannot be possible in one process and you have to be very patient in motivating your child. One good way of doing it to show him the records of successful sportsmen like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. These two great legends in their respective fields will prove that winning is not just about talent, hard work and dedication. It is also about the courage to face the truth that you cannot always win.

Failure does not mean you loose, it means you still have another chance to win.

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How to Care for an Asthmatic Child

Photograph: Sean Smith/Guardian

We all know that asthma can be dangerous to our child and he may grow with it if not being treated immediately. It is also a common understanding that asthma is a disease wherein the special attention is needed. While there are now many ways to cure it, it can be denied that your child will be also being affected psychologically. That is why while he is still in the process of medication and has limited activities, it is our duty as parents to ensure that he is not totally deprived of his rights as a child. Being a father to an asthmatic son, I would like to share to you what we have been doing to show care to him, in which helps him a lot to recover:

1.0 Give educational toys. Since he cannot always play outside the house; we bought him educational toys to enjoy with. This includes children books, attractive coloring books and a Mega Sketcher. This is like a paper where he can write and draw as frequent as he could. This is because it can easily be erased without using erasers that can harm him. We also gave him toy cars which he can dismantle and attached all over again. This way, he can discover a lot of things all by himself while playing.

2.0 Exercise with him. It is a common knowledge that exercising is a big help to a child to recover from asthma. However, an asthmatic child finds it hard to run along with normal children. That is why he needs a companion who can understand his needs and will have a lot of patience. If he feels that walking with someone is enjoyable, he will somehow forget that breathing is a hard thing to do. Swimming is another good exercise and by doing it with his family makes it more exciting.

3.0 Have consistent reminders. Children always want to play, no matter how he feels afterwards. You should therefore be consistent in reminding him his limits and explain to him the possible effect if he will not follow you. If he is old enough, he will understand that you care for him and you only want the best for him. Moreover, do not be mad he will not be good follower at all times. Instead, try to understand that it is not easy to be someone who cannot do normally do things. If it hurts you looking at him breath with an inhaler, then it hurts him more as a child.

4.0 Show him that he is normal.
Although he is almost always having a lot of medication and frequently being hospitalized, try to show him that he is still normal. If the child feels that he need special attention, he will always be dependent to you and he will feel guilty about it. There might also come a time that he will be upset because of his condition, and this may only worsen the situation. Therefore, it is but right to show him that he is just like any other child that needs affection.

5.0 Teach him to be brave. This is to avoid further problems on his part. If he feels that he is limited to many activities, he may not try other activities that he can. He will somehow have a phobia and will greatly affect his personality, if he will not be encouraged to be brave and strong to accept things. You can cite some well known personalities who have almost the same problem but still made it. He cannot be cured by medicine alone. He also needs to feel that determination is a big factor why dreams do come true.

Asthma does not only affect his breath, but can also degrade his heart if he will not feel any care from you.

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How to Teach your Child the Value of Money

Money is the reason why we are working hard. As a parent, we will do everything just to earn money in order to give to our children their needs. We also sacrifice a lot of things in order to earn good money, including time for our children. This is the reason why we should teach our children to value money. Another good reason is for him to be prepared when it is already time for them to work. So when your child starts to understand that money is being used to buy things, you can use these helpful tips to teach your child.

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How to avoid your child to be a TV addict

Television is one of the most simple and common form of entertainment for children and even adults. Not to mention the daily news and other valuable information that we can get from watching. However, just like any other attractive things, it can also be addictive especially to younger children. Therefore, it is our duty as parents to control them. While it seems so easy to do because you can always turn it off, there are still some important points to think about to avoid it to become an everyday issue inside your house. Here are some of them.

1.0 Make a deal. There is no doubt that there are still wonderful shows around that are suited for our young children. However, having a proper schedule especially during school days is a must. To avoid your child from complaining, make the deal reasonable for both of you. Lessons first, then watch television. Limit the time and implement rules strictly. In this way, you are also teaching your child how to set priorities.

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How to help your Child with Scoliosis

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed to have a mild scoliosis and was brought to a physical therapist a couple of times. Before, I thought that Scoliosis is for older people only and it is only recently that I learned that children can also have it.

In reality, Scoliosis is not a disease; it is a descriptive term when there are abnormal side-to-side (lateral) curves in the spinal column. Some of the causes can be congenital spine deformities, neuromuscular problems and limb length inequality. It is a spinal problem that develops into a child especially when he or she reaches the age of puberty. This is because this is when they start to be independent from their parents in terms of seeing their physical changes privately. Apparently, this is also why parents find it hard to detect if their child has scoliosis. However, there are health care tips on how deal with it:

1.0 Observe your child. This is sometimes being neglected by most parents. Watch how your teenager walk, sit and move. Do her shoulders have different heights? Have you seen his or her back lately? Can your child sit properly with his back straight? A person with scoliosis usually have uneven waist, his rib cages are at different heights and has changes in texture of skin overlying the pine. This early signs should be keenly observe to be able to do something about it immediately.

2.0 Search for real answers. Do not ask just research anywhere. Read different medical books or search the net. Do not rely on your neighbors even your closest friends and relatives. Although asking someone who has scoliosis is good, it is always better to ask a doctor. Do not be hesitant to ask even if you will look ignorant or feel stupid that you do not know what is happening to your child. Take the initiative, do not just sit down and watch your child suffer.

3.0 Be calm to accept it. This is definitely hard to do especially if you are now seeing some physical changes of your child due to scoliosis. But if you will calm enough, you can easily think of what to do and your child will be calm too which is more important. Your child is alive and he needs you as his inspiration and therefore, you must show no fear. In short, having a positive attitude is like giving your child the best treatment.

4.0 Support your child. Your child might be advised to wear a brace so he needs a lot of support. But the more painful thing is that your child be isolated, discriminated and being misunderstood. Treatment is not one-shot and sometimes requires surgery which may need a big amount of money. Encourage him not to feel weak and helpless. Giving assurance that you will always be there is definitely what your child should hear from you. Show him every progress of the medication.

5.0 Have a bit of sense of humor. Scoliosis can make both of you cry, but it does not mean you do not need a bit of laughing time. You must do this especially after a surgery. Your child may experience trauma and can make him feel depressed. That is why you should make him smile sometimes and cracking a joke is good method. After all, you need it to be strong enough. Laughter is the best medicine as they say.

Scoliosis is back pain trouble and not a mind problem. Therefore, use your intelligence and parent instinct to help your child deal with it.

This post has been greatly inspired by the article A Parent's Guide: Coping with your Child's Scoliosis by John T. Smith, M.D.
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How to Love a Long Lost Child

This is reality; some parents leave their child to someone else. This is maybe due to poverty, divorce, or other conflicting circumstances. Whatever the reason is, some parents get confused and think that they have no other choice but to be separated with their child. But faith has been kind, now there is a chance for you to be together again. However, your child is now a total stranger. Many things had changed and both of you are not ready to accept that. Before you get confused again, you might want to consider thinking about these facts:

1.0 Be realistic. You child did not grow up with you so do not expect an immediate sweet response yet. Although he might be also missing you a lot, the pain inside of him is not easy to forget. His personality might not be the one you wish he has, but you must face reality. He lived without you as his parent for a long time and therefore you do not know each that well. For now, be glad that you are seeing each other again.

2.0 Tell the truth. This is the hardest part but the most important one. Your child may or may or not ask you crucial questions like why you left him. In this case, tell the truth and nothing but the truth. This may hurt both of you, but this can also be a start of your good relationship. Do not blame his other parent for what you have done. He may not understand you now but time heals wounds, even the deepest ones.

3.0 Do not force your alibis. No matter how much sacrifice you had when you left him, they will all be excuses because the truth is, you still left him and nothing can change that. Do not make him feel satisfied just because he grew up with a better life like what you always wanted. Do not justify your actions by forcing him to believe that leaving him was the best decision that time. It is like convincing your self that you did not made a mistake.

4.0 Maximize your time. You cannot bring back the lost time, but you can maximize the time left. Every minute counts so do everything to be a good parent. Make him feel proud that finally, he has now a parent to share his ideas with, and leaving him is now a nightmare from the past. Help him in all you can emotionally, spiritually and if you still can, financially even if he has now a stable career. In short, give until the last drop of your blood simply because this is what you should have done right from the start.

You better believe me with these tips. I should know because it took me 20 long years before I met my mother, and another 20 longer years before we became friends.

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How to Protect your Daughter from Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are everywhere and most of the time, they are hard to recognize. Although there are sex maniacs who have manifestations on their looks, language and mannerisms; even the most decent man can be a rapist too. For the record, most sexual abusers are the ones the girl trusts like her father, grandfather, sibling and even close friends and classmates. This is because you will not think that they can do that to your daughter. Moreover, sexual abuse also includes sexually suggestive conversation, inappropriate kissing and malicious touching. In this case, you as a mother should have time to read and understand the tips below.

Have a watchful eye

You must know all the men your daughter is connect to, including your husband. When it comes to your daughter, trust no one. Do your best to accompany your daughter wherever she goes especially if she is still young and helpless. You must also know the kind of language she is learning from school. At home, it is better if you sleep beside her all night long. His father should not bathe her or even touch her sensitive parts anytime even if she is still a toddler.

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How to maximize Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is no doubt the best food for your baby. This contains the entire supplement he needs to keep him healthy and strong, and also a good bonding between a mother and her baby. However, proper knowledge and preparation is required to fully utilize and this should be learned by all mothers. Here are some of the useful tips as endorsed by baby care experts:

1.0 Breast feed in the morning. This is the best time for because you are not yet tired. The supply will be poor at the end of the day due to other activities that you have done. Moreover, avoid doing heavy activities during the day and proper relaxation is required to regain your energy you lost after giving birth.

2.0 Have a well-balanced diet. Eat a lot of protein and avoid highly refined carbohydrates such as cakes, candies and the like. Having around three quarts of fluids in your body will help a lot to increase the supply of milk. Drinking water while breastfeeding is also helpful. However, avoid spicy foods which can affect your milk and upset the stomach of your baby.

3.0 Get a lot of sleep. This is quite hard to do since your baby frequently changes his sleeping patterns. But you must find ways to do so because as mentioned above, rest is a big factor to bring back your strength and for you to have a good supply of milk. To maximize your sleep, minimize your household activities and sleep when your baby is also asleep.

4.0 Do not take contraceptive pills. Taking these pills will decrease your milk supply. Avoid doing this for about five months after delivery. Consult your doctor about alternative birth control strategies and discuss this to your husband. Make him realize that your time now is more for the baby and I am sure he will understand that.

5.0 Avoid emotional stress. Your baby will also somehow absorb your stress during breastfeeding. So avoid thinking too much of other things and focus on your baby. Do not be afraid about his future because there are still plenty of chances ahead. What is more important now is you are beside her and let both of you enjoy your time.

Not all mothers have the privilege to breastfeed their babies. So be thankful that you are not one of them by maximizing it.

Some details of this post were taken from the baby care book that I have which is entitled Complete Baby & Child Care by Dr. Mirriam Stoppard.

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Proper Communication Tips with your Pediatrician

No matter how good parent you are, your child will be brought to a pediatrician due to common sickness or a regular check up. This is part of their health care. These doctors know how to keep your child away from sickness and can help a lot for the development of your child. However, proper communication with him is very essential in order to achieve accurate results of findings. So before bringing your child to a pediatrician, you may want to view the following reminders below:

1.0 Prepare accurate data. Doctors rely on data in order to arrive to their analysis. If your child will be check up due to high fever, the pediatrician may ask what the highest temperature your child had, how long he has been like that, and so on. If you do not have this first hand information, he will be able to find it hard to prescribe the proper medicine. Show him the medical records of your child if possible.

2.0 Ask appropriate questions. Do not ask questions that he cannot answer immediately such as how long your child will be sick and the like. A more proper question would be about how you can help him treat your child, or asking if there is a cheaper medicine. It would be helpful if you prepare such questions before approaching him. Remember that doctors are also humans who will depend on what they see and know.

3.0 Be punctual. Your child is only one of his numerous patients and waiting for you is not his obligation. Do not force his staff to call him and require him to come back for you just because you are late. Although you are the customer, you are the one in need. Be humble enough to say sorry to keep him waiting. His time is as precious as the health of your child. After all, it is the health of your child that is at stake.

4.0 Do not contradict him. Choosing him as your pediatrician means you trust him and opposing his idea will hurt him. If you think his conclusion does not fit to your belief or opinion, be polite to give your side. He has many other things to attend to, and arguing with him is a big mistake. If you are sure that you gave him then proper details before the consultation, you can easily go to another doctor for a second opinion.

5.0 Follow his prescription. If your pediatrician advised you to have your child to complete his medication, finish it. Some parents have a bad habit of not returning their child to their pediatrician after completing the prescribed medicine. They think that it is enough that their child looks fine, and no need for a follow up check up. But if the symptoms come back they blame the poor doctor. Unfortunately, these parents also advise other parent not to go to that particular doctor.

Doctors are our assistants when it comes to taking care the health of our children, but we must also be willing me to assist them.

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Breast feeding: My Baby is not a Cow

All parents know that breast milk is still the best for new born babies until he reaches the age of three. But it seems that not all parents realize this. Cow’s milk is the best for babies, but it is only for baby cows. It is nutritionally incompatible with humans, most of whom are actually allergic to the substance. Cow's milk is a foreign substance that has pervaded every corner of our diets—starting with artificial infant feeds, but finding its way into mother's breast milk through the foods she eats as well. Although so much has been said about the advantages of breast milk over cow’s milk, I still would like to share this simple acronym I saw recently in a local hospital:


est for babies
Reduces the incidence of allergies such as asthma and eczema
Economical and no waste
Antibiotics greater immunity to some infectious deceases
Stool inoffensive and hardly constipated
Temperature always ideal

Fresh milk never goes off
Emotional bonding with mothers
Easy once established
Digest easily within 2 to 3 hours
Immediately available and no mixing required
Nutritionally optimal
Gastroenteritis greatly reduced

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