How to maximize Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is no doubt the best food for your baby. This contains the entire supplement he needs to keep him healthy and strong, and also a good bonding between a mother and her baby. However, proper knowledge and preparation is required to fully utilize and this should be learned by all mothers. Here are some of the useful tips as endorsed by baby care experts:

1.0 Breast feed in the morning. This is the best time for because you are not yet tired. The supply will be poor at the end of the day due to other activities that you have done. Moreover, avoid doing heavy activities during the day and proper relaxation is required to regain your energy you lost after giving birth.

2.0 Have a well-balanced diet. Eat a lot of protein and avoid highly refined carbohydrates such as cakes, candies and the like. Having around three quarts of fluids in your body will help a lot to increase the supply of milk. Drinking water while breastfeeding is also helpful. However, avoid spicy foods which can affect your milk and upset the stomach of your baby.

3.0 Get a lot of sleep. This is quite hard to do since your baby frequently changes his sleeping patterns. But you must find ways to do so because as mentioned above, rest is a big factor to bring back your strength and for you to have a good supply of milk. To maximize your sleep, minimize your household activities and sleep when your baby is also asleep.

4.0 Do not take contraceptive pills. Taking these pills will decrease your milk supply. Avoid doing this for about five months after delivery. Consult your doctor about alternative birth control strategies and discuss this to your husband. Make him realize that your time now is more for the baby and I am sure he will understand that.

5.0 Avoid emotional stress. Your baby will also somehow absorb your stress during breastfeeding. So avoid thinking too much of other things and focus on your baby. Do not be afraid about his future because there are still plenty of chances ahead. What is more important now is you are beside her and let both of you enjoy your time.

Not all mothers have the privilege to breastfeed their babies. So be thankful that you are not one of them by maximizing it.

Some details of this post were taken from the baby care book that I have which is entitled Complete Baby & Child Care by Dr. Mirriam Stoppard.

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