Proper Communication Tips with your Pediatrician

No matter how good parent you are, your child will be brought to a pediatrician due to common sickness or a regular check up. This is part of their health care. These doctors know how to keep your child away from sickness and can help a lot for the development of your child. However, proper communication with him is very essential in order to achieve accurate results of findings. So before bringing your child to a pediatrician, you may want to view the following reminders below:

1.0 Prepare accurate data. Doctors rely on data in order to arrive to their analysis. If your child will be check up due to high fever, the pediatrician may ask what the highest temperature your child had, how long he has been like that, and so on. If you do not have this first hand information, he will be able to find it hard to prescribe the proper medicine. Show him the medical records of your child if possible.

2.0 Ask appropriate questions. Do not ask questions that he cannot answer immediately such as how long your child will be sick and the like. A more proper question would be about how you can help him treat your child, or asking if there is a cheaper medicine. It would be helpful if you prepare such questions before approaching him. Remember that doctors are also humans who will depend on what they see and know.

3.0 Be punctual. Your child is only one of his numerous patients and waiting for you is not his obligation. Do not force his staff to call him and require him to come back for you just because you are late. Although you are the customer, you are the one in need. Be humble enough to say sorry to keep him waiting. His time is as precious as the health of your child. After all, it is the health of your child that is at stake.

4.0 Do not contradict him. Choosing him as your pediatrician means you trust him and opposing his idea will hurt him. If you think his conclusion does not fit to your belief or opinion, be polite to give your side. He has many other things to attend to, and arguing with him is a big mistake. If you are sure that you gave him then proper details before the consultation, you can easily go to another doctor for a second opinion.

5.0 Follow his prescription. If your pediatrician advised you to have your child to complete his medication, finish it. Some parents have a bad habit of not returning their child to their pediatrician after completing the prescribed medicine. They think that it is enough that their child looks fine, and no need for a follow up check up. But if the symptoms come back they blame the poor doctor. Unfortunately, these parents also advise other parent not to go to that particular doctor.

Doctors are our assistants when it comes to taking care the health of our children, but we must also be willing me to assist them.

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