How to Encourage your Child to Enjoy Reading

We all know that reading can help our child to increase his knowledge about different things. If he will be fond of reading, he will get used to it and practice this habit until he grows up. Reading books can also keep him away from bad influences of the real world. However, it can also be boring especially if he sees other children not doing it and enjoying the playground. So here are some useful tips on how to do it.

1.0 Have a collection of good books. It is common sense that we should have good books at home. Although we can now get a lot of information on line, books are still more fun to read and can be available any time. But sometimes, we get contented in story books, encyclopedia and dictionary. We forget that there are some other books where our child can learn from. This includes World Atlas, Almanac and other reference books.

2.0 Start as early as possible. It is also better if we start collecting them early so he can be familiar with them during his growing years. When he starts recognizing them, you can find it easy to offer them. Let your child scatter them on the floor so he can easily open them and choose the pages he wants to view. He may not even be reading them but letting him copy them in a piece in a paper can help to be familiar with them.

3.0 Make it enjoyable. Books with a lot of pictures will attract their attention. Fairy tales and fables are good to start with. Not to mention nursery rhymes and children poems. He will be curious to know more about he sees and start asking questions. Be prepared to find easy words in the book and read them together. You can also use his fingers to point the words and be patient to read them slowly, syllable by syllable.

4.0 Assist him religiously. When our child starts to read words by syllables, they read them even if they do not know what they are reading. It is a pity that some parents ignore their child instead of assisting them with the right pronunciation. This usually happens when they are traveling or in a hurry. By spending a bit of your time to stop so that he can program the words into his mind will be a very big help. Furthermore, you can assist them through playing with words. However, never practice baby talk and read how they are really being pronounced.

5.0 Coach him continuously. Helping him is different from teaching him. Do not rely on teachers to teach your child how to read properly. It is not enough that you stop teaching him when he starts to go to school. In fact, this is the right time to coach him because he has now many reading materials and we may find some confusing words. Moreover, let him read a book all over again that he really he likes. In this way, he can easily recognize the words if he sees them again in another book. Practice makes perfect.

Reading can be fun and learning at the same time, no matter how young you are.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters



March 3, 2008 at 10:57 AM


thanks for the recommendation you madefor my blog at entrecard. i am a filipino residing in malaysia. hubby is malaysian. i am an engineer, too used to work at DPWH but found myself writing words instead of numbers... like you.

btw, thanks for the tips in parenting. will always come and visit your blog for reference re: parenting tips.

thanks a lot!

  Guardian Angel

March 3, 2008 at 12:07 PM

You are welcome. I am glad to know another Pinay is making good outside our country.

Just hope I can provide you more useful tips. Thanks!