How to Prepare your Child for the Real World

Your child will grow up as fast as you cannot notice and it is avoidable, unless his Creator decided not to. Working hard everyday for his future is not enough to prepare him for the real world. You must be able to balance your time to take good care of him. You may think that you are trying your best to spend quality time for him, but being with him may not always be called quality time. By simply teaching him basic things and enrolling to the best schools is not truly enough. There are many other important things that you should do that you may not think are equally important. With this, you may want to think deeper and consider these useful tips:

1.0 Have him a best friend. You must admit to yourself that you cannot be with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although it is good for him to have many friends around, having one of them to be his best friend will help him to have a shoulder to lean on in case you are not around. Likewise, he will also learn how to be a true friend who is willing to share a helping hand anytime it is being needed. Consequently, a best friend can sometimes be more than a brother or a sister.

2.0 Encourage him to join competitions. By doing this, you are also preparing to fight for what he wants to achieve. You are also teaching him to discipline himself, mentally and physically. Sports and academic contests will help your child to expose himself to a crowd and be strong against intimidation. He will also learn how to perform in a group and sacrifice for a particular goal. He will also understand that that life is not always about winning and loosing, but merely a struggle to stay alive.

3.0 Teach him the bad things. Take note, I did not say that you teach him how to do bad things. By teaching him that he must only do good things does not automatically mean that what you are also teaching him not to do bad things. I truly believe that a child should also know bad things and their effect. There are some parents that do not allow their child to even see a gun, thinking that he may learn how to use it someday. Children must know what a gun is made for. But you should make him understand that good soldiers have guns too.

4.0 Monitor his studies. Again, sending your child to good schools is not enough. Teaching and helping him to his school assignments is far from monitoring it. You should also be able to know if your child is really learning everyday. It can easily be noticed if your child has good learning capabilities or not. You can see the improvement in him in the way he talks and the topics he finds interesting to talk about. Moreover, intelligence does not only cover academics but more importantly, character and personality.

5.0 Let him suffer. Do not always help your child even if you can. Allow him to be independent sometimes. He must learn to live alone to be able for him to feel stronger. If he makes mistakes, let him correct himself instead of running to you. As early as possible, he must learn to analyze the possible effect of his words and action. If he does something bad, give him appropriate punishment and let him suffer the consequences of being wrongdoings. Moreover, let him handle his enemies alone unless it is becoming serious.

The future of your child is a colorful rainbow. But you must understand that a rainbow only appears after the rain.

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Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



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