How to Add Fun and Laughter to your Marriage

Guardian Angel at Japan (2004)

I wish I am rich instead of being handsome. I told this to my wife after learning the expenses of a minor operation I went through 2 weeks ago. She then smiles and somehow, I made her laugh deep inside. Basically, being funny is one of my outlets to be calm about problems. Please do not get me wrong, I am very serious about life. It is just that I think being funny sometimes makes me more relax and it adds life to our marriage. I also believe that you need not be a professional comedian to make your spouse laugh. With this, here are some of my ideas I am using and I think they will also be applicable to you:

1.0 Do weird things. To minimize loneliness when I was in Japan, I decided to have a picture of myself standing outside during the intense falling of snow, without a shirt! When my wife received it, I know I made her laugh and somehow she forgot that I am away. You can still think of other ways like imitating TV commercials. Do not think that you may look like a fool. After all, this is the real purpose. Remember, being in love is foolish.

2.0 Play in the rain. Enjoying the rain is not for children only. Feeling the cold raindrops on your head and body helps a lot to release stress. It will also bring back your younger days. Before realizing it, you are both laughing and playing like children. Do not mind if you will be the center of attraction of everybody as long as you do not hurt others. Moreover, it is better if you join your children. If there is no rain, you can use a normal size water hose and enjoy the fun at the garage.

3.0 Crack a joke. This is my favorite. Although according to my wife, most of them sounds corny I still insist. This is because I do believe that telling some funny stories is an effective way of maintaining good communication between spouses. No matter how tough marriage life is, jokes can somehow help to ease your mind from worries. In fact, you can easily think of a solution to a problem when you are in a happy mood.

4.0 Play board games. Although outdoor sports look fine and healthy, playing Snakes and Ladders and similar board games provides better bonding. Waiting for the dice to stop is like watching a suspense thriller film. There may even have times that trying to cheat the game adds the fun. Since you are seating beside each other, you can also add romance by saying some sweet nothings. Winning is not really your plan. It is the fun that you get that counts.

5.0 Watch comedy films. I do not need to mention any funny film because there are so many of them. You can also be a regular follower of a funny TV show. Regardless of the comedian, great comedy acts can be a good topic when there is a need to create funny surroundings. When you think fate is not on your side, recalling them can also somehow lead both of you to the positive vibes. Filipinos as they say can always find ways to make fun out of a controversial issue.

Sometimes, having fun can be a serious matter.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters