This blog will be improving soon…

After my Successful Marriage Tips blog has been alive for almost 5 months, I finally decided to close it but transfer all the contents to this blog. I am also planning to re-write some of its posts to serve you better. This is because I realized that marriage and parenting can be discussed as a single topic. This means that you will now be viewing marriage tips and other family matters as an additional learning.

By doing this, I will be able to update this blog regularly and promote it fairly with my Humane Blogging Tips blog which will be favorable for both of us.

With this, I want to inform all Entrecard members who would like to advertise on my Successful Marriage Tips blog that I will be disapproving your request. However, I am encouraging you to advertise here or to my Humane Blogging Tips blog.

My target date for the closure of that blog will be on March 22, 2008 or 5 days from now.

Lastly, I am very thankful to all of you who supported it all the way since the start, and hoping for your continuous patronage.