What our Child can Learn from Boxing

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I decided to make this post after learning that my fellow Filipino and today’s favorite boxer Manny (Pacman) Pacquiao won a close fight over Juan Manuel (Dynamite) Marquez.

Boxing is a good sport but please do not get me wrong, this post is not about boxing and how to be a great boxer. This is about the lessons we can learn from it. We all know that boxers pass through difficult training and a lot of sacrifices in preparation for a big fight. In addition, he must have the ability to withstand the punches and win the crowd. But besides that, here are some of the good traits of a remarkable boxer that I believe we must teach to our children.

1.0 Have discipline. Although a boxer must be healthy, he has a lot of limitation in what he should eat. As a parent, we should motivate our child to eat vegetables instead of junk foods. Our child must also realize the importance of having sufficient amount of sleep. In short, you must be able to make him follow all your instructions and understand that they are good for them. Moreover, you must train your child how to be independent. You are not always available to watch them.

2.0 Have patience. A major boxing bout consists of 12 long rounds. Each round is different from the other and anything can happen within split seconds. Both boxers weigh each other during the fight and patiently wait for a good opportunity to throw their best shot. Being impatient is one of the first traits our child has, especially if he sees attractive toys and other things that caught his attention. Make them realize that there are things that cannot be achieved easily.

3.0 Be humble. Fans love boxers who are not only strong and mighty, but also who can easily be reached. Great boxers are heroes of their country and can make their flags waving dramatically in history, and even little boys look up to them. That is why they should also have pleasing personality. As a child, this trait is very important to gain more friends as he grows up. When a child is humble and respectful, it follows that his parents are good and role models.

4.0 Be smart. A good boxer does not only need to have enough strength and stamina to survive a fight, he only needs to be smart. Your child may be intelligent in school, but is he smart in facing difficult situations? Although our child still needs our guidance, we must also teach him to analyze things and see them in different angles. Just like boxing, our child must be ready to react fast when the resources are not sufficient and master the art of self-defense.

5.0 Be a good sport. Great champions can also loose their crown. No matter how hard they try, there will always be someone greater than them. There will be times that the decision or call is not satisfactory. Your child must be able to accept the fact that life is not always about winning. It is also about the lessons we learn from a defeat. Consequently, he must find ways to improve himself and be ready for the next challenge. This is the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Help your child to win all of the challenges in life by being the best coach.

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