How to Make this Summer Valuable to our Children

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Summer vacation is what our children are waiting for. At last, he is getting rest from his daily school activities. He can also take this time to enjoy more for himself as a child. Your child may expect a family outing, or a cool vacation to his favorite place that he has never been to. Somehow, he can also stay a little bit late awake at night without worrying of getting up early. But of course, your child must still maintain proper sleep. However as a parent, we must also be able to find ways to make this coming summer not only enjoyable, but also fruitful. Here are some of them you may want to consider:

1.0 Introduce sports. If your child has not yet tried sports, summer is the best time. For the boys, there are a lot of physical activities to join in. Baseball, basketball and swimming are among the best choices for them. They will not only make your child maintain a good health, but also to learn about teamwork and boosting his self confidence. For the young girls, voice lessons and other arts related courses are good activities to enjoy with. In either case, it is very important that the choice was decided by your child and you must not force him.

2.0 Attend family reunion. Encourage your child to join you in family reunion. It is important that your child will meet relatives he never heard of. He must understand that family is not just about parents, siblings and grandparents. By letting your child meet his cousins, uncles and other relatives can help your child learn how to socialize and practice good conversation. It is also a good start for your child to be exposed in a crowd, where he can bring out his best as a child. Nobody knows, your child might need their support when he grows up and vice versa.

3.0 Watch good films. There are lots of good films available that your child may like. However, you must choose the ones that are suitable for your children. Note that there are films that seem to be applicable for children, but actually they are not. It is better that these films are not only entertaining, but also educational. I strongly advise that you watch with them. Watching together is also a good way to bond with other. If your child already understands family related issues, then you must be ready to answer related questions. It is best that you as her parent will be the first one to teach such lessons.

4.0 Avoid sickness.
Family reunion and other social gatherings invite your child to eat food that he seldom eats. Although it is fun to know that he will taste different kinds of foods, you must be also watchful. Excessive exposure to the sun can also be harmful to skin. Always bring a sun block lotion wherever you go. If you will travel a lot, do not forget to bring immediate medication for wounds, dizziness and other motion sickness. I also advise that you bring extra clothes that are comfortable to wear. Body odor is also another enemy to fight since sweat will always be present.

5.0 Have new friends.
Summer is also time for your child to have additional friends. I encourage you to allow your child to meet new friends. Sports, parties and other social gatherings are good sources of friendships. He will learn to interact with different kinds of people and take away his shyness. However, you must be able to know who they are and what they can teach to your child. Teenagers are the most delicate children when they meet new friends, so you must teach him how to choose them. They must understand the negative effect of illegal drugs and teenage sex.

Summer is only once a year, but you can make it one of the most important times of your child.

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