Food Preparation Tips for Healthier Children

We, as parents always want our child to eat healthy food. We do research about balance diet, vitamins and proper eating habits. However, no matter how healthy the food our children are eating, our children still get sick such as diarrhea, cramping and nausea. This is maybe because we lack knowledge about safety food preparation. With this, here are some essential tips on how to ensure that the food our child is eating is clean and safe:

1.0 Before shopping, check for the cleanliness of the area, and be sure that they have the proper license to sell these foods. Observe the hygiene of the sellers and their awareness about health. Although it looks cheaper to buy from roadside stands, it is always healthier to buy from the legitimate ones. This is most applicable when you will buy sea foods such as shrimp and shellfish.

2.0 When shopping for food, pick up perishable foods such as meat and fish only after you finished the canned and packaged foods. It is also better if they will be last ones you will shop for. This is to maintain its freshness until you go home. Place them in separate plastic bags and avoid drippings on other foods which can contaminate them.

3.0 Check for the expiration dates and proper packaging. Meat should be properly sealed, and canned goods should have complete and clear labels. The can itself should not have dent or damage. If you choose the ones with closer expiration dates, be sure that it will be placed in a freezer or be served at once.

4.0 You should also know how to check a fish or meat if it is still fresh or not. Avoid buying a meat that has dark or greenish tinge on it, or a fish that really smells “fishy”. Green leafy vegetables should not have holes in them. Give yourself ample time to check on this, or have someone with you who knows more about these things.

5.0 After returning home, clean the fish at once and other frozen goods, and put them immediately in the freezer. Do not use containers with worn out covers to avoid contamination and be sure that your refrigerator is always clean. Never reuse the plastic bags especially that are used for fish and meat. Instead, wash and put them in a properly covered trash can. Always keep your kitchen clean.

6.0 Ensure proper washing of hands and cleaning of kitchen utensils before using them. During the preparation of the ingredients, clean the cover plates before using and do not use the same knives for meat and fish. Clean them at once after using to avoid attraction from flies and crawling insects. Have separate rags for the kitchen; and wash them regularly.

Being clean does not require high status in life and proper age; you should only have discipline and complete knowledge.

This post was greatly inspired by the book entitled Access to Health (Fourth Edition) by Rebecca J. Donatelle and Lorraine G. Davis, in which my mother bought for me when my children are growing up.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips