Lessons from a Parent’s Footnote

Maybe I should have done this as my last post for last year, but I think it is more appropriate to start a new year with reminders of what I have shared. With this, I would like to enumerate my favorite footnotes I have included at the end of each article I posted. Here are them with no particular order:

1.0 Giving your children what they want is not always negotiable. Sometimes it is a must.

2.0 Internet, just like riding a bike or reading a book is very useful to children, but can be harmful to if not being guided properly.

3.0 Teachers are of great help in improving a problem child, but parents should be the first ones to realize the status of their child.

4.0 Children cannot avoid being curious about sexuality. However it is our obligation as adults to guide them, and teaching them about sex without malice is very important.

5.0 Remember that it is our duty as parents to work for our children and not vice versa.

How to treat a stranger son: Do not be a stranger to him.

7.0 Keep your child’s favorite toy until he grows up. Adults love to see them in their cabinets to remind them that once in their lifetime, they became a child.

8.0 I know I may not be in the right position to say this, but do not put aside your health and your children. So avoid smoking, follow the best tip yet: Do Not Start!

9.0 Sometimes you must do some research to check if the usual way is the correct way.

10.0 If you want to live a life, honesty is still the best policy.

Now, for the footnote of this post: We can learn many parenting tips, but we can only apply them if we realize them.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips