Practical Tips for First Time Mothers

Being a parent for the first time is exciting, and also scaring at the same time. While you are very happy to take care of your own child, just merely holding her tiny fingers can hurt her. You may be learned some of safety tips, as well as had guidance from your parents and friends; but it is totally different when you are already alone. Being a father of two, I would like to share my wife’s own experience and other practical tips we learned about being a first time mother:

1.0 Use your mother instinct. All mothers have this, including animals so therefore, you have to use it. This means that although you must not always have to buy a parenting book just to know everything about parenting. There will be emergency cases wherein you should act very quickly. You must trust your feelings even though others may tell that it is just a simple problem. However, you should not panic because it will only worsen the situation.

2.0 Do not stop learning. Being a mother is an everyday learning, so make the most out of it. Do not just rely on one book for your resources. Parenting magazines, pamphlets from clinics, and parenting websites and blogs are among those you must also read. Maximize your relationship with your baby’s pediatrician. It is also better to share ideas with other parents who has or had previously hands on infants.

3.0 Build special bonding. This is the most heart warming scene anyone can see. A mother playing with her baby will build a special bonding between them. Sing, dance, play and talk with your baby help her to be more familiar with you. By doing this consistently, it is like telling your baby that she is always safe from any harm. Take the chance while she still depends on you, older children will have a world of their own.

4.0 Prepare for the worst. We all know that infants are very sensitive to anything and everything. It is very important that you have all the safety gadgets near you, all the time. This includes medicines, baby towels, cotton and even cell phones in case you must call the doctor or anyone who could help you at once. But more importantly, learn how to be proactive rather than being reactive.

5.0 Be healthy. I know that it hard to stay fit if you have a baby to take care of but you should not neglect your own health. You may have incomplete sleeps, skipping meals and even not being able to take a bath sometimes just to have enough time for your baby. However, your baby can absorb all the germs that your body has which may lead him to air related sickness such as asthma. Besides, you cannot take care of your baby if you are sick.

6.0 Take a lot of pictures with her. This is not only enjoyable, but also a remembrance about the wonderful times you shared together. You can also take pictures even she will be confined to a hospital or being checked up by her doctor. Her first time activities such as first walk, first bath, and first laugh are worth priceless. My children had monthly pictures until they reached their first birthdays, and they are now displayed in the living room.

First times are not only a lesson to learn, but also a memory to cherish.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips