Dangerous Things You Should Allow Your Children to do

The title seems to be troublesome, but you read it right. There are some dangerous things that you should allow your child to do. Actually there are a lot of them, but only five were discussed by Gever Tulley in his 9-minute video posted at TED or Technology, Entertainment and Design, a highly respected annual conference that brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers. Now here are them and hope you could read and understand them very well before you get up on your seats with a mad face:

1.0 Play with fire. Fire is one of the most amazing things children can see. Playing with them is a good way of learning of nature and science. They will be able to analyze how fire is being produced and what is its effect. By learning this, they can be reminded what damage a fire can do, and be careful about it. After all, they can use what they have learned in their future science subjects.

2.0 Use of pocket knives. A pocket knife is a general tool for opening, cutting or slicing some things. When children learned how to use it properly, they will discover that things can be done easier when a pointed object is being used. It is a dangerous thing to touch but if they get used to it, it can be a great advantage over other children.

3.0 Throwing of things. Spear as one of the interesting things to throw is a good exercise for their body and mental capabilities. This act of hitting a target will enable them to improve their concentration in fulfilling a goal. They can also learn different strategies that they can use when they grow up. Since this is a solo activity, hitting a target will enhance their self confidence.

4.0 Deconstruct appliances. This is applicable to your old and damaged electronic gadgets like radio, CD player and the like. Children like to discover things and seeing small parts of old electrical or electronic equipments can stop their wondering what these things are made of. Although they may not understand such complicated things, they can easily recall them when they grow up.

5.0 Driving a car. In most countries, learning how to drive a car is a must for everybody. Therefore, you can teach your child how to drive the moment their feet can touch the breaks. Since cars are very much bigger than them, it will be such a great feeling for them to know how to control them. They will also learn basic safety tips when traveling.

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Learning how to do delicate things can help children prepare for the real world, and what is ahead of them. However, proper guidance and safety reminders should be the responsibility of the parents.

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Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips


  Jared at DadThing.com

January 11, 2008 at 7:44 AM

I agree! Some people are just TOO protective. My little boy (10 months old) is totally amazed by the fireplace. He will just sit and stare at it. I don't want him setting things on fire, but when he is older, if we have a fire going in the fire pit outside...what is wrong with putting a stick in the fire to watch it burn...ya know!

  Guardian Angel

January 11, 2008 at 8:31 PM

Thanks for agreeing with me. Parents who are overprotective on their child is the same as not protecting them, that is from their future "enemies".
I also like your site, we have the same passion for good parenting.