I am now wearing a new pair of Eyeglasses

Photo by Guardian Angel

I am a near-sighted person and I used to wear eyeglasses when I need to read from far away. But since I got irritated from removing it every now and then, I decided not to wear it again. But after our annual company Physical Examination recently, the doctor told me that I need to upgrade them which are now 125-150. I want to blame myself for abusing my eyes since I started blogging, but I guess it is now too late. But not really!

What about pinhole glasses?

You may find this weird because this might be the first time you will hear about it – pinhole glasses . I saw an old friend wearing one, and I thought it was just nothing. But when he said that it is effective for him, I made my own research and this is what I found. This technique of eyeglasses was studied scientifically and here are some short explanations. Get ready for this.

It can improve vision to people with Myopia

They are near-sighted people like me and children are more prone to this disorder. Wearing pinhole glasses block some image light rays from entering the eye which require much diffraction with the lenses to form images on the retina. However, it is not advisable for children to wear one as they are more responsive to exercise their eyes.

It improves vision of older people

As we grow older, our eye lens become less flexible and is unable to work as efficiently as earlier. This more or less affects our close vision and we have problems with seeing nearby objects clearly. Pinholes narrow down the aperture of the eye.

Astigmatism and Cataract

For astigmatism, pinhole glasses can help by decreasing the distance between the images which reduces the size of the blur formed by the deformed cornea and so improves vision. For cataract, it reduces the effects of the cataract formation in the eye. They restrict the amount of light falling on the affected part of the eye.

For bloggers

I like this part. We all know that spending long hours in front of our computers can damage our eyes. Pinhole glasses control damage by limiting the amount of radiation that enters our eyes and can increase the depth of vision. This way, they reduce the eye strain by limiting the level of stress acquired through focusing while viewing. Sounds helpful, isn’t it?

My conclusion

I borrowed my friend’s pinhole eyeglasses and used it while I was making this post. Honestly speaking, I feel awkward at first. I find it hard as I am like peeping in a screen window. The small holes distract me as I go along. But since I want to try it, I did not remove it until I finished this post which took me more than an hour.

Somehow, my eyes get used to it and the pinholes are getting bigger and it distracts me less. But I noticed that it is hard to wear one when only the computer screen is on, and other lights are somehow dim. However, the computer screen looks lighter when I wear these unique eyeglasses which made my eyes more relax.

Being my friend, he told me that I can return it to him after a week so I can test it more. For now, I think it is too early to say that it is really effective. I may make another post some time around.

But it is worth to try as it does not need any prescription and mind you, it is cheaper.

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Why it is Important to plan your Family

Photo credit to camera_rwanda

Family planning is a non-stop issue between the Philippine government and the Catholic Church. I wonder how other countries are taking this matter. But while the debate is on, more and more families are increasing their number of children. According to National Geographic Kids News, about 245 babies are born every minute, around the world. I know it is fun to watch children playing, but how about their future? I only have two children and here are my reasons why I choose to limit them.


Obviously, prices of oil are rapidly increasing and this is a chain reaction. I supposed no one will debate me if I say it is cheaper to have only few mouths to feed. We must remember that the basic needs of every child are common, health, clothes and education. So for every additional child you will have the more expenses it will be. If you failed, some or all of them will suffer the consequences. If this happens, you cannot blame anyone but you and you alone.

Health concerns

Mothers are getting weaker as she is giving more births, and it is common sense. Although some may not feel it at once, her body will sag earlier as compared to those who had fewer births. Resistance to sickness will be reduced and stamina for everyday life will be greatly affected. But do not think that men are excuse for this matter. If you have a lot of children, you as the provider will need to work harder and your time to rest will be minimal.

Quality time

Let us say your income is good and you can afford to feed a lot of children. But can you also afford to divide your time with them? Parenting is a very tough job and time is a very important factor. You cannot show your love for your children if you are only focusing on their physical needs. No matter how you try, you cannot spend time with them equally. There will be some lapses which can lead to sibling jealousy. Next to it is drugs, teenage pregnancy, and worst suicide.

The next generation

Experts think the world population could reach nine billion by the year 2050, and that is scary scene. Some of us may not be around by that time, and it will be then our children’s responsibility. Can you imagine how hard life will be for children’s children? We are working hard everyday to fulfill the dreams of our children, but are their future children included in our concern? The world is our responsibility and we will pass this on to the next generation, and so on.

Children are gifts to enjoy but they are born also to enjoy.

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Welcome to Father Blogger

Logo from Angel Cuala

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that finally, my third blog is now live. Actually, I started this a month ago but I had some technical problems but now I am happy that it is over. Anyway, the blog title is Father Blogger which has the same URL and I decided to have a paid hosting service with Wordpress as the platform. I remember one time; I already mention this to you when I wrote that a part of being a professional blogger is to have your own domain. I must say that this is my most precious blog.

Why it is very precious to me

Well, it is my dream to combine my craft as a father and as a blogger. As I mentioned in the welcome post, , this is quite confusing for my readers but at the same time, I will be hitting two birds in one stone. I have a very big plan for this blog but I want to do it slowly but surely. In fact, I am now starting to use this when I leave comments on other blogs as well as to forums I am an active member. I will also be doing some hardcore promotions and will read articles about SEO and try to apply whatever I will learn. I will consider this blog my baby.

What readers can expect

As I am trying to do with my existing blogs, I will submit fresh quality posts as well as re-writing my old posts. That is why you may notice that some of my older posts have been re-directed to my new blog, and I will also choose some future posts that will lead my readers there. In addition, I will do my best to submit a post everyday like what I am doing now. I will also submit posts that will not be posted in both of my blogs and that will be something to look forward. But of course, the topics will still be the same – Marriage, Parenting and Blogging.

Will I be leaving blogspot?

Blogspot is my first home and will remain my home unless Google will drive me away. Although others might say a lot of disadvantages over a free hosting service, it is still a peaceful place for me. I have now worries about technical stuff since it is very easy to handle, just copy and paste – Presto! Besides, I am already enjoying a small space in the blogosphere and I do not want to loose it and start all over again. For almost a year of blogging, I can say that blogspot is still the best free place in town.

Will I be leaving Entrecard?

Tough question! I must admit, I am receiving very high bounce rate for both of my blogs because of the drop-and-go bloggers. However, I cannot deny the fact that most of my regular readers and commenters are coming from Entrecard, as well as my now on-line friends. With this, I have decided NOT to leave Entrecard for now, and may stay quite longer. Anyway, I learned that Graham is doing his best to improve the service and to let his dream come true – a place for bloggers to have a community who visits and reads blog posts. But then, Father Blogger will not be a member of Entrecard.

My invitation

After all that has been said, I am now inviting you to visit my new blog – Father Blogger dot Com. You can browse my more revealing About page if you want to know more about me, as well to the posts that you may not yet read. I also would like to ask for some suggestions to improve it more such as Plug-ins, interesting themes and other Wordpress techniques. Please feel free to leave your comments there.

But of course, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Raden of My SEO Blog and Manilenya. Without them, I will be lost in my new venture and may be going crazy before I can launch it.

Lastly, I am now proud to introduce to you my real name – Angel Cuala. I will be using this on my new blog from now on.

See you there!

Angel Cuala
aka Guardian Angel

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Where to find Affordable Nannies in Canada

Nannies are very common to families where both parents are working or what we call the busy parents. But since they are the ones we entrust our little angels, we must be very careful in choosing them. Although your friends can give you some recommendations, the best place to find nannies are agencies because you can be sure that their clients are being protected by the law.

If you are living in Canada, you can easily find some good agencies. But of course, you must choose the most credible ones and Elite Care Canada is among them. Here are some of the major reasons why.

1.0 They are recruiting from 82 different countries and that is good enough to choose from.

2.0 They are only getting less than two percent of their applicants which means they have very strict qualifications.

3.0 They have a great team of professionals who specializes in Human Relations and Immigration Law, in which you can expect a very high quality of standards.

4.0 They are a proud member of Stop the Traffik, the leading international agency fighting against human trafficking and slavery, which means they also protect their employees.

5.0 It is the only agency to consecutively win 4 CCA (Canadian Caregivers Association) Awards for the best nanny service in Canada.

They provide three kinds of services – Elite Nanny, Nanny Plus and Affordable Nanny.

Among the three, you may be attracted to the Affordable Nanny. Although you might think that affordable means less quality, this is not true for them. In fact, they also apply the same process and background check what is being done for Elite Nanny but only with a more manageable cost for clients. Therefore, you can be sure that the same highest quality standards are being met.

For more information, please take time to visit their site - Elite Care Canada.

Give only the best to your children and they will also bring out their best.


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What type of parent are you? - An Invitation for Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival 6th edition

I would like to reserve this post as an invitation for Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC) 6th edition. I choose this question as a lesson to learn from parents with children of all ages.

I know all of us are trying to be the best parent in the world, but what kind of parent are you? Are you the type of mother who is willing to leave your young ones to a nanny in exchange of a decent job? Or do you prefer to be a housewife taking care of your children personally? Are you a strict parent watching every move of your child, to make sure that she is not doing anything wrong? Or are you letting your child do his thing and just be there when he needs help?

How do you discipline your children? Do you spank them when you think it is necessary, or do you always keep your composure? Can you scare them by just looking in their eyes, or do you still need to practice your vocal cords?

If you are a father like me, will you impose stricter rules to your daughters and will be quite loose to sons?

What are the things you think you should improve as a parent, if there is any? What are your best and worst characters as a parent?

If you are a parent of new born babies or a first time parent to-be, what type of parent would you want to be?

Ask all of these and other related questions to your self and feel free to share them to the world. I am sure that different parents have different styles on how to handle children, especially the growing ones.

I hope this topic is interesting enough, and can attract a lot of entries just like the recent one.

Here are some reminders of the submission guidelines.

1.0 This is open to all English-only submissions.

No limit number of words, but I prefer valuable entries. I will disapprove entries that are obviously created to promote a product or a blog. No affiliate links allowed.

3.0 Mention that your post is an entry to Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC) 6th edition and provide a link to this post.

4.0 Leave a comment to this post and include a link to your entry. Please make sure that the link is live.

5.0 Deadline of submission is on July 31, 2008 @ 12 midnight, SHARP!

I hope this topic is interesting enough, and can attract a lot of entries just like the recent one.

By the way, this carnival has been started by Doc Joey who we can also call The Working Mom.

See you there!

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PPBC 5th edition - What do you want your Children to be when they grow up?

Finally, here is the summary of the entries for Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival 5th edition (PPBC). Being a proud father of two growing kids, I find this question very interesting. I am glad to announce that all entries were exciting and valuable to read. There were new ones who wholeheartedly accepted my invitation.

So without further ado, here they are.

Doc Joey

The humble originator of this carnival, whose husband is also a doctor like her, finds it cute that her son is being teased as Dr. E or a doctor, too. However, she emphasizes that she will not push him to follow their footsteps. Instead, she will teach him how to invest money so he will not be poor someday.

Joan Joyce

Once dubbed as the Entrecard Queen, she dreams of her daughter to be a good doctor someday. This is because she noticed that her daughter is good in memorizing fast. Coincidentally, this is also the dream of her parents when she was young. However, she will not impose it but rather expose her.

Guardian Angel

I have a pair of children, my daughter is 12 and my son is 7. She is hyperactive and can easily go along with people, so I think she can be a good talk show host or a broadcaster someday. As of my son, his curiousness about cars can drive him to be a successful engineer when time comes.


Being my partner in Entrecard, two of his four children are now in college taking up Nursing and Marine transportation, respectively. For the other two, he just hope that they will be responsible and GOD fearing citizens of this country. He even mentioned that finishing college these days is not a guarantee of a bright future tomorrow – very true!


Being an Industrial Engineer herself, she hopes her children to have careers that are related in Math and Science because she thinks analyzing some things can help to overcome other problems in life. But she feels that it is the character that really helps one to be successful.


Being married to a Korean, she sees her son as being a multi-talented child. She dreams he can be a great dancer, an engineer or a TV personality someday. According to her, competition in Korea is very stiff. But then, she will be supportive whatever her son wants to be someday, as long as he is happy and not hurting anyone.


Having no doctor in her family, she hopes that at least one of her children can be a medical practitioner someday. But her dream for all of them is to travel around the world, as well as to be a wide reader. According to her, it is nice to wake up to see the sun in different parts of the world.


Although she has millions of dreams for her son, she thinks Joaqui can be a great musician someday because loves to watch and hear someone singing. But she also noticed that her son can also be a chef because he also loves to eat. Whatever his son would be, she hopes he can live a full life with kindness and love in his heart.


Although she thinks that her son being an engineer or a computer professional someday who can cope with this fast-pacing world, she would like her son to serve GOD and to be active in the church ministry. To attain this, she is guiding him very much in terms of honesty, respect and faith.


Because she sees her son as a keen observer about structures and mechanical things, she dreams he can either be a civil or mechanical someday. But just as her parents did not force her to be someone she does not like, she will do the same as long as his son will be a positive builder.

Girl for all status

A brave and strong mother that she is shares her experiences about her special child who was diagnosed with Autism eighteen months after birth. With this, she only dreams that her child will grow as normal as she can be and can surpassed all the challenges she will face. Now, MG is as strong and as sweet as her mother.

To view their entire entries, please click their names.

Whew! What a great list! Different kinds of parents with different principles in life, but with a common dream – to have their children grow as great caretakers of the next generation and enjoying the freedom to choose while picking up the good traits and junking the bas ones. .

With this, I would like to thank you all for giving your precious time and sharing your dreams to the world. I enjoyed reading them and learned some lessons as well.

Lastly, I am again the host for the 6th edition and I will be making a separate post very soon.

I hope you can still join and invite others as well.

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Why there are People who are Afraid of Getting Married

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two souls deeply in-love with each other. Although nobody dreams to be divorced and couples worked hard enough to keep the marriage, some of them still fail. Consequently, there are those who also afraid to get married. There are many possible reasons behind their beliefs but one thing is for sure, they do not want to be committed. While I am a happily married man, here are some of the reasons I think why others prefer to stay single.

They are afraid of their past

I know how hard it is to be a product of a broken family because I came from one. Some children grew up miserable that they have a trauma about their past. They think that they do not have the ability to maintain a marriage. Another fact that would hinder one to get married is the past failed relationship. It is hard to recover from a serious heartache, some even gone crazy about it. But the worst is when you have a very bad experience before like being raped, which keeps on haunting you until now.

They are afraid of the future

Being married is not a joke, and it takes a strong person to withstand all the hardships that are coming in between. Some people are worried about the rapid increase of expenses and think that their future children will just suffer the consequences. Some professionals, like soldiers who are one-foot on the grave are afraid that their children may loose their father sooner than expected. There are also people who love their work so much that they think that marriage is only a hindrance.

They dislike children

Not all individuals love children, and you may find them weird. They do not like the idea of bringing someone to this world, as well as having sleepless nights when a baby is crying. They prefer to be with their partner alone for the rest of their lives. But just the same, they have their reasons so we must respect them. However, they will be lucky enough if they will find someone who will understand them. As they say, having children is a gift.

They have permanent disabilities

Some people were born without the gift of having a child. This incapability somehow discourages their partner to be committed with them. In addition, disabled people are also afraid that they will be just a cross-to-carry by their children someday instead of being able to raise them the normal way. Being married requires a lot of assets, physically, mentally and emotionally. It will be a burden if someone who do not have all of these but decides to get married.

It is the imperfection of the couple that makes a marriage last.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters

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How to feel closer with your Family when you are away from them

Family is the basic community of all of us and although we can never have a perfect one, it is still family that we can run to when everything seems out of our control. As they say, we may have a lot of friends and can lose them anytime but our family will always be there. But there will come a time that you will separate from each other and we cannot avoid it. Some may be working far away while others will get married. With this, we must think of ways on how to be closer and here are some of them.

Trust and be honest

When someone is away, trust will be the only weapon we can use against all temptation. Do not believe in rumors that may destroy your good relationship. However, you must be honest at all times to gain trust. If there is something they should know, inform them at once. Although it may be painful, you should tell them the whole truth. They deserve to hear it from you rather than from someone else. After all, you can only run but you can never hide.

Maintain good communication

These days, communication is very easy where ever we are and we must make the most of it. Tell them that you are in good condition so they have nothing to worry about. Share good stories and reminisce the times when you were still young. Have an update on what is the latest news in your family and vice versa. If a problem arises, settle it at once. It will be more difficult if keep on fighting over it. There is nothing better than a civilized talk.

Send them ecards

All of us want to receive greeting cards from our love ones and it feels excited to send them too. Birthdays, weddings and other special days about our family are some the great reasons why we send one. Even if you are far away; you can easily send them and even personalize them. All you have to do is search the Internet and you can find quality and Free Family Ecards. They have a wide variety to choose from for all occasions and I am sure you can easily find what suites your taste.

Do not let long distance tear your family apart.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters

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How to teach your Teenage Boys to respect Women

As they say, boys will always be boys. However, it is sad to know that some of them do not treat women nicely. Some of them even think that women were created as toys and sex objects. You must admit that your son can be a notorious maniac someday. Therefore, we as parents should teach them how to grow to be the best gentlemen they can be, and that women are as important as they are. As a father of a boy and a girl, here are some of my tips that I hope you find useful.

To continue reading

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An Apology to my Commenters

I would like to say sorry to all of you who want to leave comments on my posts but were not permitted to do so, especially to those who want to join the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival 5th edition (PPBC).

As I wanted to improve my blog, I made an honest mistake in my HTML section. I already fixed it and if you still have problems please inform me through the contact form or through Entrecard mail.

I would also like to thank personally to Joan Joyce and Bing for patiently submitting them through other ways.

I will do the proper posting for both of you.

With this, I would like to announce that I will extend the last day of submission to another two days, which will be now on July 12, 2008.

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What I dream about my Children when they grow up

Photo by Guardian Angel

This is my official entry to the 5th edition of Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC) in which I am the host for this month.

All parents have dreams for their children when they grow up. This may be something that they did not achieve or because they have someone they really look up to. There are also some parents who want their children to follow their footsteps such as great doctors, politicians and even artists. However, there are some parents who have simple dreams for their children; to grow as kind, honest and loving citizen of the world. Since I am seeing my children everyday, here are my dreams for them.

For my daughter

Since she was a toddler, I noticed that she has a great potential to be a broadcaster or a TV host. This is because she is always hyperactive and likes to do things that many can watch her. I remember a few times that she joined dance contests and recitals without someone encouraging her. She likes to memorize long lines of monologue and loves to dress fashionably. She received some awards and citations because of her undeniable talent. She will turn twelve this month and also likes to join a lot of groups and communities.

In fact, she also likes to blog but I told her to prioritize her studies first and help her mother in the household work, as well as to look after his small brother.

And mind you, you can easily notice if we were both at home. We are fond of sharing stories about anything and everything as if we are deaf. Our voices are heard over the neighborhood as if there is a political rally inside our house.

With all of these, I am dreaming that someday I will see her every time I open my television and watch my favorite news and talk shows.

For my son

It is sad that he has asthma and at this moment, he is not yet that well. Although I can feel that he is now better than when he was a baby, he is still prone to common sickness such as cough and colds. He has gone through a lot of medication, and is being hospitalized at least twice a year. He is quite skinny but he takes a lot of vitamins and eats healthy foods.

But this does not hinder him to love cars. He is gong crazy upon seeing them and you cannot easily disturb him if he is playing with his favorite ones. He even files them all beside his bed and he knows if they are lacking or being misplaced. Since he cannot play outside longer than other kids, he easily learned how to read and write.

Now that he is seven years old, his interest in cars is more fascinating than ever. What amazes me is he do not just play with them, he loves to look at them very seriously as if he is studying their principle. In addition, he is a good reader at his age. He received an award in Best in Reading even if he can hardly pronounce words. He also consumes most of his time reading and writing in his Mega Sketcher.

With all of these, I am dreaming that he can be a brilliant engineer someday.

It is nice to have dreams for our children, but we must also remember that they have their own dreams and we can only support them.

With this, I am inviting all Filipino parents to join the fun and earn good traffic to your blogs. You can find additional guidelines here. Deadline of submission is until July 10, 2008 @ 12 midnight.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters

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Join the Parent Dreamers @ Pinoy Parents Blog Carnival 5th edition

Logo from The Working Mom

I would like to reserve this post to inform all Filipino parents that I am very much honored to be the host for the 5th edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC). In case you do not know, this carnival was initiated by Doc Joey of The Working Mom and has been hosting the past four editions, and was joined by numerous Pinoy Parents.

Now, I choose the topic about our dream careers for our little angels. So the question would be - What would you like your children to be when they grow up, and why? Is it because it is your dream to become one but you did not have the chance? Or you want them to be one, for you pass on your craft and talent? But whatever the reasons will be, please feel free to include them in your entry. Who knows, your dream will come true and you can browse your post again while reminiscing the past.

Interested parties can start making their posts today, but should submit their entries before July 12, 2008 @ 12 midnight by placing a comment on this post together with a live link to their entry and a brief description of the article.

Here are some of the guidelines.

1.0 One Pinoy Parent, one entry.
2.0 Entries must be original content, related to the topic, and interesting to read.
3.0 No limit quantity of words, and I prefer sharing your heart but using your mind.

For more information, please feel free to visit Doc Joey’s post on her blog.

However, I am the host and I am authorized to approve or disapprove any entry that I think not suitable for the program.

So what are you waiting for? Let this time be your chance to announce to the world that you are a proud parent of a future someone.

You will see my entry on my next post.

This post was recently updated to change the deadline of submission date from July 10, 2008 to July 12 2008. The change was due to trouble encountered on my comment section.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters

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