What I dream about my Children when they grow up

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This is my official entry to the 5th edition of Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC) in which I am the host for this month.

All parents have dreams for their children when they grow up. This may be something that they did not achieve or because they have someone they really look up to. There are also some parents who want their children to follow their footsteps such as great doctors, politicians and even artists. However, there are some parents who have simple dreams for their children; to grow as kind, honest and loving citizen of the world. Since I am seeing my children everyday, here are my dreams for them.

For my daughter

Since she was a toddler, I noticed that she has a great potential to be a broadcaster or a TV host. This is because she is always hyperactive and likes to do things that many can watch her. I remember a few times that she joined dance contests and recitals without someone encouraging her. She likes to memorize long lines of monologue and loves to dress fashionably. She received some awards and citations because of her undeniable talent. She will turn twelve this month and also likes to join a lot of groups and communities.

In fact, she also likes to blog but I told her to prioritize her studies first and help her mother in the household work, as well as to look after his small brother.

And mind you, you can easily notice if we were both at home. We are fond of sharing stories about anything and everything as if we are deaf. Our voices are heard over the neighborhood as if there is a political rally inside our house.

With all of these, I am dreaming that someday I will see her every time I open my television and watch my favorite news and talk shows.

For my son

It is sad that he has asthma and at this moment, he is not yet that well. Although I can feel that he is now better than when he was a baby, he is still prone to common sickness such as cough and colds. He has gone through a lot of medication, and is being hospitalized at least twice a year. He is quite skinny but he takes a lot of vitamins and eats healthy foods.

But this does not hinder him to love cars. He is gong crazy upon seeing them and you cannot easily disturb him if he is playing with his favorite ones. He even files them all beside his bed and he knows if they are lacking or being misplaced. Since he cannot play outside longer than other kids, he easily learned how to read and write.

Now that he is seven years old, his interest in cars is more fascinating than ever. What amazes me is he do not just play with them, he loves to look at them very seriously as if he is studying their principle. In addition, he is a good reader at his age. He received an award in Best in Reading even if he can hardly pronounce words. He also consumes most of his time reading and writing in his Mega Sketcher.

With all of these, I am dreaming that he can be a brilliant engineer someday.

It is nice to have dreams for our children, but we must also remember that they have their own dreams and we can only support them.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters