Why it is Important to plan your Family

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Family planning is a non-stop issue between the Philippine government and the Catholic Church. I wonder how other countries are taking this matter. But while the debate is on, more and more families are increasing their number of children. According to National Geographic Kids News, about 245 babies are born every minute, around the world. I know it is fun to watch children playing, but how about their future? I only have two children and here are my reasons why I choose to limit them.


Obviously, prices of oil are rapidly increasing and this is a chain reaction. I supposed no one will debate me if I say it is cheaper to have only few mouths to feed. We must remember that the basic needs of every child are common, health, clothes and education. So for every additional child you will have the more expenses it will be. If you failed, some or all of them will suffer the consequences. If this happens, you cannot blame anyone but you and you alone.

Health concerns

Mothers are getting weaker as she is giving more births, and it is common sense. Although some may not feel it at once, her body will sag earlier as compared to those who had fewer births. Resistance to sickness will be reduced and stamina for everyday life will be greatly affected. But do not think that men are excuse for this matter. If you have a lot of children, you as the provider will need to work harder and your time to rest will be minimal.

Quality time

Let us say your income is good and you can afford to feed a lot of children. But can you also afford to divide your time with them? Parenting is a very tough job and time is a very important factor. You cannot show your love for your children if you are only focusing on their physical needs. No matter how you try, you cannot spend time with them equally. There will be some lapses which can lead to sibling jealousy. Next to it is drugs, teenage pregnancy, and worst suicide.

The next generation

Experts think the world population could reach nine billion by the year 2050, and that is scary scene. Some of us may not be around by that time, and it will be then our children’s responsibility. Can you imagine how hard life will be for children’s children? We are working hard everyday to fulfill the dreams of our children, but are their future children included in our concern? The world is our responsibility and we will pass this on to the next generation, and so on.

Children are gifts to enjoy but they are born also to enjoy.

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July 26, 2008 at 5:35 AM

Yes I agree, You see, I also practice family planning but the Rhythm method is not effective as you can see the result. hehehe. I have a neighbor who's wife is now pregnant again for their 6 child and and their youngest child barely reach his 2nd birthday. When he was asked why he isn't practicing family planning his reply was"Hindi ako makaipon ng pera, kaya anak na lang ipunin ko".
The key here is really in educating the citizen about responsible parenthood.

  brad hart

July 27, 2008 at 8:07 AM

This is a problem worldwide and it scare me about the kind of world we are handing our kids and grandkids. While some countries are actually taking a stand against long held religious beliefs others aren't. One of the worst offenders is the US. Our politicians on a regular basis actually encourage people, to have more. Our net nation increase is currently estimated at one person every 10 seconds, with the worlds growth a lot faster than that.

The environmental resources of this planet just can't handle that kind of sustained growth and one fay wars will be fought over food and water rather than oil and religion...

  Guardian Angel

July 27, 2008 at 10:52 AM

Mon - Thanks for agreeing with my post. I hope I am not being mistaken with my post. While I only have 2 children, I am not encouraging nor discouraging anyone to follow me.

What I mean by planning your family, I mean being responsible. As I understand, you have four kids but it does not mean you did not plan them. I can feel that you are a responsible father.

It's your neighbor whose logic is out of this world. I pity for his children.

Thanks, partner.

Brad Hart - I am not inclined with the way US is taking this matter.

However, this is my analysis. As US being the most powerful country today wants to have more people simply because they want to maintain their status.

If they will have lesser people for the next generation, they might be overpowered by others.

Just as analysis, though.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.