Additional Tips on How to Protect our Children from Bad Influences On Line

Last month, I made a post with the same title. Now, I have gathered additional tips on how to protect our children when they are on line.

1.0 Do not allow your children to play on-line computer games especially when they are just renting somewhere. Not only that it is addictive but they will think that violence is just a game. These games are for adults only.

2.0 If they have to do some research for their homework, join them while they are browsing in front of the PC. If you are not available, ask a trusted adult to watch over them. It is better if you require your child to inform you in advance so that you can adjust your schedule.

3.0 Provide passwords on your PC so that you can be sure they cannot use it without your consent. Change them regularly because your child might learn about them.

4.0 Do not expose your child’s photos, real name and other personal information anywhere on the net, especially if your child blogs. Devils on line are just waiting for a chance to catch their prey.

5.0 Place your PC where you can easily see what is on the screen. The best location is the living room, rather than in a closed room.

6.0 If you think you are not capable to monitor your child’s activities while he or she is on line, do not allow him or her at all. Require your child to wait for the right time.

Internet, just like riding a bike or reading a book is very useful to children, but can be harmful to if not being guided properly.

For children who will be reading this: follow your parents. They know what is best for you.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters