Why you Should Allow your Children to Blog

When I was just starting here as a blogger, I realized there are also children as young as 12 years old who blogs since they were ten. Their ideas are great, and some of them are earning even higher than I do. I was wondering how these blogger children are enjoying what they do, and here are some things I noticed:

1.0 They can express themselves without any hinder, and talk to older people without hesitation.
2.0 They can create their own identity and boost their talent and self-confidence.
3.0 They can meet new friends who can learn a lot from, and share opinions and ideas as well.
4.0 They can improve their communication skills especially in writing, as well as reading.
5.0 They can discover new vocabulary words, histories that haven’t been taught in school, and keep updated on different facts around the world.
6.0 They can learn to analyze things by their own, and experiment on things they wish.
7.0 They can keep themselves away from bad influences of the real world, like illegal drugs.
8.0 They can stay at home regularly which makes them safer.
9.0 They can correct their mistakes without being afraid to be punished.
10.0 They can have more bonding with their parents, especially if the parents are bloggers too.
11.0 They can learn to manage their time and organize heir activities.
12.0 They can inspire us adults like Meghna is doing to me right now. In fact, I made her a poem as sign of my deepest gratitude.

However, there are still some restrictions that parents should observe very strictly:

1.0 Studies should still be child’s first priority.
2.0 Health should also be considered, especially when the child stays too long in front of the PC.
3.0 They should always have enough time to sleep, rest and play.
4.0 Know the sites they visit, topics that they blog and people they meet on line. They might be influence by what they thought is correct.
5.0 If he is earning, you still have the right to keep his money. Make sure that it is being spent wisely.
6.0 Make sure that the PC he is using is protected from bad influences on line.
7.0 Blogging is enjoyable, but he already wants to stop, so be it. Do not force him on anything unless you are sure it will harm him.

If my daughter who is now 11 years old asks me to allow her to blog, I will support her all the way, provided by the restrictions I mentioned above.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



December 16, 2007 at 3:16 PM

Hi Guardian Angel,
I'm glad that there are people like you who are encouraging young talents to join in the fun called blogging! I too wholeheartedly agree with you. Children like me should be allowed to blog but with the restrictions mentioned above (which my parents follow daily!)
Thanks for mentioning my name and writing such sweet things about me!


December 16, 2007 at 4:16 PM

Hi Meg!I have been repeating this so many times, but it is you that I have to thank for inspiring me. If I did not see your talent, then I would not think about writing this post.
Having your name as an example in this post is my proof why this tip is applicable.
Anyway you are most welcome.


December 26, 2007 at 4:45 AM

"3.0 They can meet new friends who can learn a lot from, and share opinions and ideas as well."

Are you out of your mind?

I hope no one is taking your horrible advice.

  Guardian Angel

December 26, 2007 at 6:39 PM

If you have read the commnet of Meghna who is a 12 year old girl, you will notice that she agrees with me. In fact her parents and others are taking taking my advice and happy with it. Since I am her friend and learning from her soomehow, I do not think it is a sign of loosing one's mind. Thanks for reading my post, anyway.


December 27, 2007 at 2:42 AM

A 12 year old with adult "online friends" is a recipe for disaster and further proof that you show no good judgment and no one should ever ask you for help raising their children.

  Guardian Angel

December 27, 2007 at 6:31 PM

Yes, you are right. adult on line friends can be a disaster to children, that is why I add the advise to parents:
4.0 Know the sites they visit, topics that they blog and people they meet on line. They might be influence by what they thought is correct.
This "people they meet online" includes bloggers they meet, whether the username is nice, so much so if it is anonymous.
Thanks for the follow-up comment w/c means you have great concern for children.


December 27, 2007 at 10:23 PM

1.0 They can express themselves without any hinder, and talk to older people without hesitation.

You could just skip that step and invite the pedophiles over for dinner. Maybe search the sex offender list and find the closest one and rent out your attic to him.

Of course they can talk to older people without hesitation. Their parents obviously skipped parenting 101. Ever heard of "Don't talk to strangers?" At least when the creep shows up in a van in front of a school the kid can see it's an adult and be wary. I wonder how many of those "children" you see blogging are pedophiles posing to get in good with the kids.

You need a wake up call badly. What parents really need to know is that there is a 41 yr old male trying to befriend their 12 yr old daughter. An adult male has no business associating with girls that young.


December 27, 2007 at 10:34 PM

as a 16 year old blogger i have to disagree with the 2 unnamed posted. I started blogging because my writing was bad. Were talking c-d grades on essays ever since i started blogger the grades have gone up to a-b. Blogger taught me how to proof read. Furtheremore the role of a parent is to be a guide not to block off kids from what they want to do. You must be behind them and watch only sweeping in when some you don't like happens. Social skills are very import taday, but "online social skills" will be just as important as Real life social skills.

Furtheremore it's better if you encourge all internet activity (exept porn) then to discourge it and have the child go around your blog. I can't tell you have esay it is to get a new e-mail, get a blogger account with out parents knowing. If a child want to do something and the parents resist they will find a way. Yes, some people on the nets are evil and want to harm your child, but it's not like everyone on the nets is bad and you should make friends over the internet. My second best mentor is fellow video gamer.

Furthermore, do you realise how much colleges look at a child's record to make sure they are doing what they love. It's not what you do anymore, do you love it. I quit my football team in my 3rd year because it wasn't me anymore, blogging is me and parents shouldn't stop their childern from being them self. One day your child is going to grow up and do the things you never wanted them to do, you might as well let them do stuff that is not legal and harmful to them self directly and guide them so that the risky stuff don't harm them later is life.

question did you watch "to catch a preditor"

  Guardian Angel

December 27, 2007 at 11:54 PM

Hi Steve!I hope you did not just read the #1.0 only and post a comment right away. Anyways, pls. be reminded that I also posted strict advices to parents who have child bloggers. In fact, her parents are learning from my other parenting tips. I wish you could see them reading my blog together.
Moreover, have you heard about K9 Protection?This is a software to avoid us including children to view some adult content, and the likes. Well, for your info, I made a separate post about it very much prior to this post, and I am sure Meghna's parents are thankful to me for that tip.
Thank you.

  Guardian Angel

December 28, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Hi Drburst! Yes, you are right when you said that not all everyone here in the net are devils, there are some Angels too. Thanks for agreeing with about the freedom of children like you. But again, I should say again (before I get misqouted again) your parents SHOULD know who you are dealing with, on line and off line.


February 20, 2008 at 1:48 PM

A lot of close minded comments here....no offense.

I got redirected to this post form StevePavilina's forums.

Let me tell you something, I am a 15 year old who is a blog addict. I spend more than 3 hrs each day reading blogs. (If I had more time...I would start a blog too)

I agree with Guardian Angel. The rest of you have no logical and original reasoning so might as well shut up.(please excuse the language). Bandwagon isn't the best way to prove your point.Come back and comment when you have past the stage of logical fallacy.

  Guardian Angel

February 20, 2008 at 5:58 PM

Hi Danni,
I am amazed to know that a 15-yr old kid can appreciate Steve Pavlina's forum. This means that your perception about life is much advanced for your age and I can assume that blogging is helping you.
However, I still believe that your parents should still guide you so I advice that you listen to them.
Thanks for dropping by.