The Best Christmas gift to your Children: Their Safety

Christmas is just around the corner, and Christians are seeing it as the best season to celebrate with their family, relatives, and friends and of course, children. During this season, children are very excited to receive gifts, and have new clothes, toys and other stuffs. However, in this time of holiday shopping, parents tend to bring their children too. With the crowded places and busy people in public places, parents should realize the unexpected danger that will come. So here are some guarding tips parents may learn from:

1.0 When my son was 5 years old, he had problems with his speech. When we shop or just go window shopping, my wife writes his name, our telephone numbers and address in a piece of paper; and put it on his pocket. So if a Good Samaritan finds him, our boy can be returned to us easily. You can also do this even your child has normal speech capability.

2.0 Before leaving your house, remind your child all the safety information he must know, like not letting go off your hand, or sight. Explain to him what will be the consequences in case he will be lost. He will be cautious somehow.

3.0 Do not expect your child to always hold your hand or dress. Check him regularly and be sure it is your child who is holding yours. It is much better to know exactly where to shop and have a list so that you can leave the mall at once.

4.0 Do not be distracted by other shoppers. They might be just disguising in order to fool you, and later your child will be kidnapped. Never trust strangers to look over your child even if they look decent.

5.0 Always bring him with you even in rest rooms. If your child is grown up, let him/her wait very near the restroom and talk to each other to ensure that he is still there.

6.0 Memorize your child’s clothes and shoes, and tell him how to recognize you easily in case he had gone quite far. It is better if both of you will wear bright colors and easier to describe.

7.0 For toddlers, you may consider using a cute but long enough harness to tie you somehow. For babies, it is better to bring along someone with you to carry him, instead of placing him in a stroller.

8.0 Know where the emergency exits are, or a safe place to hide in case of commotion. Learn also how to react in case of emergency such as fire, earthquakes, etc.

9.0 Shop early; do not join the holiday rush. The more people inside the shopping mall, the longer time to shop and the more dangerous it is.

10.0 My best tip: do not bring your child when shopping. You can take his/her body and feet measurements anyway. Absence of body is better than presence of mind.

As they say, Christmas is for children and therefore we must give them the best gift ever, the priceless ones!

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips