About Guardian Angel

Who is Guardian Angel?

I am a Filipino engineer who recently discovered himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and more at ease interacting with humans rather than machines. I am happily married for 12 years and a doting father of two wonderful children.

Why do I blog?

Frankly speaking, I really want to write since I was in high school maybe because my father also writes and read a lot. However, time did not allow me and as I grow up, I feel that writers do not earn good money to provide the needs of a family. But since it is really my passion to communicate through writing, I decided to blog. I feel that in terms of audience and speed it is better than just writing.

Right now, I am only doing this a part time job since I still have an office work not related to blogging. But I am trying my best to do it full time as soon as possible.

Why Guardian Angel instead of my real name?

I chose Guardian Angel as my pen name simply because it is my dream to be one. I would like to use my experience, strength and knowledge to give tips in all the best I can. Anyway, Angel is my real nickname. But I use my real name in some communities and in submitting articles to directories. For social sites such as Technorati and Blog Catalog where Guardian Angel is already taken, I use Pandong which is my nickname in our province at Bulacan, Philippines.

Why Happy Family Matters?

Actually, the first title of this blog is What Parents Should Realize which is also the URL. However, for SEO purposes and for readers to easily recognize it, I changed it to Effective Parenting Tips. But just recently, I deleted my third blog which is entitled Successful Marriage Tips since I really cannot maintain all the three of them. I decided to transfer / re-write some of its contents to this blog and tackle all aspects of a family instead of parenting and marriage only.

Why not blog about other topics?

Actually, I have another blog entitled Humane Blogging Tips which obviously contains useful tips on how to blog effectively. There, you can aslo find quality articles about Internet Marketing and some tips how to make money on line. But blogging about family-related issues is really my passion. I feel that it is my advocacy to inspire spouses, parents and children. This is because I believe that all problems in the world start within the family and how kids are being treated even before they were brought into this world.

The second reason is to return all the kindness that I got from people who treated me nice as I am growing up. This is also to inform everybody that the world is tough and there are evils that must be stopped. Our strongest shield against them is through faith and by having a happy family.

Finally, this is also to let the world know that a product of a broken family like me can still be happy, that being among the poorest of the poor is not a hinder to fulfill a dream.

If you want to know more about me, I made some special posts and hopefully you can learn from them.

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Thank you very much.

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