Best Names for your Child

Photo by Guardian Angel

Every parent wants the best names for their children. For me, it is always best to have your children's name that you really like them to have, not just imitating other's name for a not so important reason. This is because as your children grow, they will be thankful to you for giving them such names.

There are popular personalities you can choose from. Just be sure that this personality has a good reputation, or else your child might have problems with it when he grows older. However, you must also consider your nationality. If you are Asian, it would not be best to give your child’s name that is too western and vice versa. Another thing, think of a name that your child would easily be pronounced or spelled. If you don’t, chances are your child will try to change it someday.

Lastly, avoid giving your children the most common ones, especially if your surname is very common, too. This is because if your child’s namesake will have problems with the law or immigration, your child might be on-hold for traveling outside your country.

By the way, my daughter's name is Angelene which came from my name Angelo, and my wife's name, Mylene. My son's name is Aldrin which sounds like her sister's name. And of course, who would not know Aldrin, who were among the first men on the moon. Interesting, isn't it?

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters