Inspire Before you Expire

Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be! It is very hard to be “perfect” in front of your children, but it is nice to be remembered by your children being someone whom they have learned so much. Be patient while waiting in a long line in a supermarket with your son. There are also times that you cannot help but shout to someone over the telephone, or be mad when you cannot find your favorite neck tie when you are in a hurry for work, and simple things like that.

How can you teach your child to say kind words such as “PLEASE”, “THANK YOU” and “SORRY” if they hardly hear it from you?

NEVER quarrel in front of your children. You will be the worst parents if you do so. You must remember that children are very intelligent and they are looking up to you. Whatever we do in front of them is always right for them.

So the next time you are about to park your car in a “NO PARKING” place with your precious son, or before throwing your garbage just somewhere while you are on a picnic with your children, think about it twice! Or else, do not be surprise if your children will do the same, someday.

Inspire before you expire!

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips