Freedom of Choice

Do not force your children to be somebody you wanted them to be, or somebody you would like to be, but did not have the opportunity. You might be successful in your career, like a respected attorney, or a successful businessman. But it does not mean your children will follow your footsteps. Although there are some father-and-son doctors, and mother-and-daughter ballet dancers, this is not a golden rule to follow. You may give them some interesting things with regards to your career to convince them. However, your children have their own identities, so give them the freedom of choice. Do not worry if think you cannot pass on your legacy to your children because being successful does not end in your work only. The more important thing is that your children will also be successful in their chosen field, through your support. If you will force them, chances are they will be rebellious and end up nothing. Remember, the most awarded policeman can have the best flower arranger son in town, too.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips



October 27, 2007 at 2:34 AM

Indeed your blogs are inspirational, GUARDIAN ANGEL.

I have read some posts on this "WHAT PARENTS SHOULD REALIZE" blog and got some new understanding of how to be a better parent.


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