An Appeal from a Blogger Parent

I love blogging about being a good parent because I am learning a lot, and I am happy that somehow I am able to help other parents and child bloggers. However, when I started to look for some directories where I can submit this blog, it took me four straight hours to find one that has a category for parents. And sad to say, only few blogs about parenting have been submitted.

Unfortunately, there are numerous blogs about nonsense in most directories I visited and making money. I know I may sound absurd to some of you and you call me any name that you like. But the truth hurts, all of us working hard to earn money for the future of our children, and yet we forget who we are working for.

Maybe I was not just lucky enough to spot my target at once. I hope I was wrong, I wish there are a lot of directories where parents are the star bloggers. With this, I am appealing to all directory owners to consider adding a category for parents because after all, you are a parent or a future parent.

For parents who own a blog like mine, I will be thankful if you could provide me some directories where I can submit this blog.

But for now, I am very thankful to Lama Web Directory for having a heart, and how I wish more blogs will be submitted to your parenting category.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips