Sex Talk with Children

When our young children start to wonder of the things they see, it also includes sex. They are intelligent individuals and asking questions about sexuality is nothing but normal. However, if the parents are not prepared to answer them, they will make their children even more confused. And here is what child experts would say:

1.0 Tell the right words without laughing, like “penis” and “vagina”. Never use confusing words like butterflies and flowers. There is nothing wrong with telling the truth.
2.0 Be literal and formal. Reproduction cannot easily be understood by younger children but you can teach them some technical words like uterus, egg and sperm cell meeting together and give some examples they can understand.
3.0 Emphasize that sex is sacred, that it is one way of couples showing love for each other and should only be done privately. Homosexuality is very difficult to explain to young children, but you can simply say that people are different from each other.
4.0 Teach your child how to take care of his/her sensitive parts, as well as personal hygiene. Your child should also understand he/she should not let other people see his/her private parts, maybe only by chance.
5.0 When your child already understands the news, you can explain to her how rape is different from sex, and how it can be avoided. Young girls should be taught how to sit properly, and do not allow them to pee just anywhere they want to. This goes with young boys too.

REMEMBER: Children cannot avoid being curious about sexuality. However it is our obligation as adults to guide them, and teaching them about sex without malice is very important.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips