The Succesful Parents

When our child was born, being a successful parent is our main target. We strive hard in life to achieve this goal. We work, sacrifice a lot, and improve our living. But what does it have to be a successful parent?

1.0 A GOOD PROVIDER: Providing the basic needs of our children is a criterion. We are working very hard not only for the present needs of our children, but also for their future. We sacrifice a lot in order for our children not to experience the same hardships we had.

2.0 EXPERT IN TIME MANAGEMENT: This is the harder part. While we are working hard, we must balance our time to be there with our children in their happiest and saddest moment. We give advises, share our ideas, train and discipline them, and “play” with them. Sometimes, we neglect this part in order to be a good provider. We always say that “after all, it’s for your future”.

3.0 HAVING SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN: This is the best part. When someone says to you, “You are very lucky to have your son”, or “Your daughter has been very inspirational to me”, do not just be happy, think hard about it. Yes, your children might be successful but have you been instrumental to their success? Or your child has been a survivor, without your effort?

When we grow old, we tend to look back. Is this the outcome of all the hard work and sacrifices? Did I spend enough time to my children? Have I been a good parent throughout these times?
These are some questions you should ask your self before claiming that you are a successful parent.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips