My Teenager got Pregnant!

The main cause of this is the child’s exposure and acceptance of pre-marital sex, and having an irresponsible boyfriend. This can be every parent’s problem if they are too loose or very strict with their young girls. What’s done is done, you cannot bring back time, but you can do something to lessen the problem:

1.0 ACCEPTANCE: In order to solve the problem, you must accept first that there is a problem. It is quite hard especially if you think you have done everything in order to keep your teenager away from it. But do not feel guilty; remember that it is your child’s decision to be in that situation, not yours. Moreover, do not blame your child; she needs support not punishment. After all, she is not alone. This is a worldwide problem.

2.0 KEEP THE BABY: Do not be the next murderer: Abortion is definitely NOT the solution. No matter who and what is the status of the father, you do not have the right to kill someone, not even a fetus. No country and religion allows this, and sometimes capital punishment is the penalty. In the first place, the baby has no fault at all and you would not want to be in his place, I am sure.

3.0 THE WEDDING: In most conservative countries like the Philippines, when a teenager got pregnant, wedding comes next automatically. Before deciding, remember that a teenager is involved here. There is a great possibility that the boyfriend is a teenager too. This means that they are not yet prepared to settle down. Belonging to the upper class family does not guarantee that these young parents can handle the situation. If you do this, you might be adding another problem, instead of solving it. Marriage is a commitment between two adults deeply in love with each other and capable of handling tough situations.

If this will happen to my daughter, I will not let her marry the guy if I think they are not yet ready emotionally, psychologically and physically. I would require the parents of the guy to agree with me, and maybe ask some financial support. I will ask the young parents to continue their life separately, finished their studies, and get a decent job. If they are ready and still in love with other, that’s the only time I will allow them to get married.

Article Source:Effective Parenting Tips


  Marenda MAGNETIC

November 13, 2007 at 4:10 AM

"The main cause of this is the child’s exposure and acceptance of pre-marital sex, and having an irresponsible boyfriend."

I think that it is unfair to place blame on the boyfriend it takes two to the girlfriend is just as irresponsible.

Living Life Abundantly


November 13, 2007 at 6:31 AM

Hi Marenda! sorry if I sound unfair. You are right when you said that the girl is equally irresponsible but what I am emphasizing here is to be a good parent, and not to blame the girl coz I believe it will just worsen the situation...