How to help your Child with Scoliosis

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed to have a mild scoliosis and was brought to a physical therapist a couple of times. Before, I thought that Scoliosis is for older people only and it is only recently that I learned that children can also have it.

In reality, Scoliosis is not a disease; it is a descriptive term when there are abnormal side-to-side (lateral) curves in the spinal column. Some of the causes can be congenital spine deformities, neuromuscular problems and limb length inequality. It is a spinal problem that develops into a child especially when he or she reaches the age of puberty. This is because this is when they start to be independent from their parents in terms of seeing their physical changes privately. Apparently, this is also why parents find it hard to detect if their child has scoliosis. However, there are health care tips on how deal with it:

1.0 Observe your child. This is sometimes being neglected by most parents. Watch how your teenager walk, sit and move. Do her shoulders have different heights? Have you seen his or her back lately? Can your child sit properly with his back straight? A person with scoliosis usually have uneven waist, his rib cages are at different heights and has changes in texture of skin overlying the pine. This early signs should be keenly observe to be able to do something about it immediately.

2.0 Search for real answers. Do not ask just research anywhere. Read different medical books or search the net. Do not rely on your neighbors even your closest friends and relatives. Although asking someone who has scoliosis is good, it is always better to ask a doctor. Do not be hesitant to ask even if you will look ignorant or feel stupid that you do not know what is happening to your child. Take the initiative, do not just sit down and watch your child suffer.

3.0 Be calm to accept it. This is definitely hard to do especially if you are now seeing some physical changes of your child due to scoliosis. But if you will calm enough, you can easily think of what to do and your child will be calm too which is more important. Your child is alive and he needs you as his inspiration and therefore, you must show no fear. In short, having a positive attitude is like giving your child the best treatment.

4.0 Support your child. Your child might be advised to wear a brace so he needs a lot of support. But the more painful thing is that your child be isolated, discriminated and being misunderstood. Treatment is not one-shot and sometimes requires surgery which may need a big amount of money. Encourage him not to feel weak and helpless. Giving assurance that you will always be there is definitely what your child should hear from you. Show him every progress of the medication.

5.0 Have a bit of sense of humor. Scoliosis can make both of you cry, but it does not mean you do not need a bit of laughing time. You must do this especially after a surgery. Your child may experience trauma and can make him feel depressed. That is why you should make him smile sometimes and cracking a joke is good method. After all, you need it to be strong enough. Laughter is the best medicine as they say.

Scoliosis is back pain trouble and not a mind problem. Therefore, use your intelligence and parent instinct to help your child deal with it.

This post has been greatly inspired by the article A Parent's Guide: Coping with your Child's Scoliosis by John T. Smith, M.D.
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