Is your Child violent?

Since the day one of your child, he will be seeing things that can corrupt his mind, and if you will not be careful, you might be unconsciously teaching him that violence is good. There a lot of resources of violence in which our child can learn, especially if he sees that an adult enjoys doing it, or by merely watching it. Here are some of them.


We see them in the news, films, and history books; and even in our own neighborhood. Therefore, we cannot hide them from our children. However, what we can do most is to explain it to them in a very convincing way. We can start by telling the effect of violence, and the advantage of avoiding it, that the hero in the film he watched is just for enjoyment only, and not to be imitated.

I allow my daughter to watch action films as long as we are beside her, and explaining the scenes.

For example, he might meet a bully classmate and your son is his favorite. Though you tried to complain to the school and to the parent, but still have no effect. You then have to try the reverse psychology method. Instead of telling your child to fight back, tell him to be more kind. If you think this is only applicable in the movies, you are very wrong. Children are children; they have a softer spot than us adults.

Sports and Games

Sports and games are very helpful for children, but this does not apply to all. We must understand that in order for sports and games to be helpful, they must be teaching our children to be physically and mentally fit, and to struggle for victory. If the child has negative changes after joining a sport, or watching or playing a game, then the trouble begins.
Violent computer games are getting more violent every day. Even the images of the characters are getting worse, but ironically, children seem to enjoy more. And how can we teach them not to play with them if he will see an adult enjoying it? It’s hard but you have to explain to them the difference between their toys and the toys for the big boys. The best advice I can give is NOT to introduce them to your child. I deleted all the non-educational games in my PC, even before I brought it home.

Other sources of enjoying violence for the children are the World Wide Wrestling (WWW), Mixed Martial Arts and the likes. These are sports, but for mature audience only. Some of them are even providing gimmicks just to attract more audience. However, when a child watches them, it is just OK to hurt somebody since everyone is shouting and clapping when their hero wins. Though boxing is a physical sport also, it shows very minimal violence because of the gloves, strict rules and there is the doctor and referee to stop the game instantly.

We never watch violent sports on TV, much more at home with the kids.

At home

Also called Domestic Violence. This is the hardest among them all. If a child sees his father beating his mother, or the child himself is being hurt physically inside the house, the effect will be worst. This is because the parents should be the first ones to protect them. With this, two things might happen to the child. One, he will be violent, too. There are a lot of cases when the reason for being a bully child is because he sees his father doing violent things, and enjoying it. Or the child may be “shocked” every time he sees violence or even a simple drop of blood. He will be traumatized by his experiences, and therefore will teach him to be coward.

Now if you feel that there is violence inside your house, do not tolerate it. Although it is not that easy for you because the father maybe is the only bread winner, but still you have to stop him. Besides, it is better to live hungry rather than to die with broken bones. You don’t have to worry because there are a lot of government and non-government groups that can help you, and law is very strict on this. Your nearest police station might be enough to start with.

Violence does not only hurt the body, but also the soul.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters



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hello. Very well said. Violence, in any form does affect the soul more.........

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