Where did you sleep last night?

Did you have enough sleep last night? Let me rephrase the question, where did you sleep last night? I think that’s a better one. Anyway, enough sleeping makes a person healthier and it is not a lazy habit to enjoy sleeping. All of us have the right to feel comfortable while sleeping. But when does it become uncomfortable?

Well, this is of course when you are sleeping on a cold place and has nothing to get you warm. Another problem would be the kind of bed you are sleeping. Some would think that all beds are created equal. I partially agree because for me, it is really the mattress that makes the difference.

We may call some of them as luxury mattress because they are attractive, elegant and fashionable. But when can we say that it is an affordable luxury mattress? We may not see the difference at once not until we analyze further.

A poor mattress is the one that makes your body ache when you wake up.

A good mattress that does not easily sag, simply because the spring are made of high quality material that can withstand different body moves and will last more than you expected.

A bad mattress can ruin your night while you keep checking which part is still soft as years are passing by.

A better mattress is the one that will make your morning longer because you will hate yourself when it is time to get up.

So the next time you buy a new mattress, consider these tips.

1.0 Look everywhere. There a lot of shops where you can find good and affordable mattress. Read the newspapers, magazines and you can even ask a friend.

2.0 Be patient when choosing. If you have a partner sharing a common bed, both of you should test it.

Know the policies. The job of the salesmen or representative does not end after he convinced you that your new mattress is good. You must also ask the shipping details, warranty and other related matters.

So to help you find a good mattress, click here:

Sweet dreams!

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September 16, 2008 at 12:35 AM

I slept on an old cozy mattress set that I've had for way too long. It still sleeps pretty good but it's starting to wear a little bit. Once I save up a little money -- I do plan on getting something new.