What our Babies are telling us when they cry

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Babies don’t talk and this is our problem, that theirs. Crying is the only way they know to call our attention and we must guess what they want to tell us. Although we might think this is only a mother’s problem, this should also be understood by fathers like me. I have no more plans to have another child but I am still interested about it, and here are some things I learned from searching, that I think all parents should also know.

I am hungry

This is the first thing that would come to a mother’s mind when their babies cry. However, we must be conscious about this. You must know the last time your baby met with his feeding bottle. If you’re into breastfeeding, you must be better in knowing your baby. Remember that an infant’s stomach is very small and he cannot take too much. If he still cries after you offer him his milk, there may be two problems. He is already full or he cannot take enough milk.

I am not comfortable

Babies are very sensitive and their bodies easily react when they are not at ease. Check his diaper at once, or look for small insects and other things that might hurt him. It is important that we must make sure that we clean his crib every now and then so avoid rushes. Be aware also about the temperature of his surroundings as it may be too hot or too cold for him. That is why it is important that your baby is comfortable with his clothes.

I am bored

Mothers cannot really be looking after her baby all the time, as there are other things to be attended. But since babies can easily get bored, we must think of ways how they can enjoy when they are awake. Colorful moving things attract the attention of babies, and you can place them on top of his crib, or where they can easily be seen. Our voice is the best sound our babies can hear. Sing or simply talk to your baby can also pacify him.

I am sleepy

Sleeping is another good friend of babies, and they consume a lot of time doing it. Their sleeping time is changing frequently, and it is just normal for them. Although it is fun for babies when there are a lot of people around, they get tired too. Always prepare a comfortable and quiet place for him. It is also better if we do not totally turn off the light as the dark may scare them when they get awake, and a dim light is better. Sometimes, we need to carry our baby to sleep but we must be aware that we may be spoiling him.

There might be other things our babies want to tell us, but what is important that we can translate their small voices into tender love and care.

A baby’s cry is the sweetest sound a mother can hear.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters