Dress your kids with wonderful Costumes this coming Halloween

It is now less than two months before Halloween comes once again, how time flies! It feels sad that in some places, Halloween parties are not that popular. I just hope more parents would realize the fun of it.

Anyway, young children love to dress up especially when the costumes are their favorite super heroes. Superman, Batman, and even Indiana Jones are among the costumes young boys love to wear. For young girls, who would not love Barbie, Cinderella and other girly characters? These kids costumes are not only for their enjoyment, but also for the parents as well. I am pretty sure any parent would love to see their children dress differently.

However, some parents might wonder why we should allow our children dress up with these kinds of costumes. Besides the excitement, children will also feel the energy of these characters and their imagination will grow broader. So, is this important for growing children? For me, anything that makes our child happy and experience a dream-come true can help a lot to inspire him, and even educate him. It is our duty as parents to let them play, enjoy and socialize with other children.

What is funny is that some parents join the party and also dress themselves with their favorite character. Although some might think that they will look crazy when they do this, it does not matter to them. The more important thing is that they enjoy what they do, and they do this to show their love for their children. After all, fun is for everybody.

Yes, it is barely two months and it is Halloween again. I would like to see my 7-year old son wearing a Spiderman costume, and my daughter to look like Barbie even if she is already twelve years old. Hopefully, an invitation will arrive.

So to my fellow co-parents, I strongly suggest that you prepare this early to avoid the rush.

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