The Kind of Parent that We Are – Pinoy Parenting Blog Carvival 6th Edition

I would like to reserve this post to summarize all the entries for the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival 6th edition with the topic – What kind of parent are you? This is an interesting question for me as it covers parents with children of all ages. So now, I proudly present to you all the Pinoy parent bloggers who participated.

Doc Joey

The humble originator of this carnival who is also a mother of a two-year old boy says that she is trying to be loving as possible, but very firm when things are going unreasonable. She is also learning by attending meeting with fellow parents.


He admits that when his children were young, he is very strict just like his Chinese father. But upon realizing that they were growing up, it is time to change and he has now become a cool daddy. He learned that parenting is a two-way street.

Angel Cuala

This is Yours Truly using my real name. Just like Mon, I am very strict especially to my daughter as she is growing into a young lady. But then, I can easily convert myself into a jolly father and the clown of the family. But more than anything else, they can talk to me about anything under the sun.


Being away from her daughter for the last five years is not a burden to become a good mother, she claims. She believes that as long as you have good communication with your child, it does not matter where you are. Her 11-year old daughter has a Friendster account which I believe a great sign of being independent and mature.


She says she will let his son discover things and to be happy while learning. She will allow his son to be free, resourceful and creative as she believes that independence will help her son achieve his future goals.


As her daughter loves to draw but afraid she cannot make it, she believes that it is the proper motivation and positive outlook towards life that must be prioritized. She is preparing her child to be a strong soldier against thousands of battles ahead of her.


As a new parent, she will try to balance everything between a strict mother and a friendly one. Although she admits that there is no such thing as perfect parents and there is no appropriate handbook when it comes to parenting, she hopes to be the most suitable mother for his son.


As a wife of a husband working in another country, she admits it is really stressful be doing the parenting alone. However, she is happy that her husband is always available when it comes to decision making about posting discipline to their child. She may be a sweet mother, but very strict with it comes to food, manners and TV time.


Being a fun mother and a disciplinarian in between, she admits she spanks the hand of her children when her patience is being tested. However, she makes sure that it is not hurt that is being felt, but rather the explanation on why they should be corrected. She proudly says that she is also learning from her children.


Although she claims that she is stricter than her husband, she says that she sacrificed a lot in order for her children to grow as they should be, something that all mothers should do. She may not be playful just like others but she lets her children have their fun moments.

Girl for all status

As she admires mothers who sacrifice their jobs to be a full time mother, she believes that it is still the child’s welfare that is more important. According to her, no mother can claim that she is a better mother over the others as it is not right to judge anyone unless we put ourselves in their shoes. She is doing her best to be the best for her kids.


Although she had kids at an early age and she had been mistaken as their older sister, she still proves to them that she is the mother. She might not be that strict, but she sees to it that everything is being settled and that family is something they can always run to.

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There you go, another interesting edition has been finished and another edition to look forward to. But before I turn over the hosting back to Doc Joey, let me tell you that I enjoyed each moment and every entry for the last two editions taught me a lot not only as a father, but as a human being per se.

Thanks to all who trusted my blog and submitted their entries and of course to Doc Joey for giving me this great opportunity. It was a great honor, indeed!

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters



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