How to Save Money during Grocery Shopping

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Admit it, life is hard these days wherever you are. Oil prices are increasing rapidly and sad to say, it seems to be uncontrollable. As this happens, a fast chain reaction follows up to the basic family needs such as groceries. The best that we can do is to think of ways on how to save money when going to the grocery. And because I am among those who are greatly affected, I searched for some tips through the Internet. Although there may be a lot of them, here are some that I tried at home and proven effective.

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September 4, 2008 at 8:24 AM

Another great money saver is making your own laundry soap or toothpaste. My husband doesn't approve of the toothpaste, but we love the laundry soap!! I have made it for years. It is more effective than stuff sold in the store and super cheap and easy to make. Go to for the recipe.