What to do with a Drug Addict Family member

Drug Addiction is global issue and many families were destroyed by this problem. But if you will ask a family member who is into drugs, he will not even admit it. It is their outlet to release inner feelings and to ignore personal problems temporarily. However, we as concerned family members should take this problem very seriously. Here are some of the things we must do.


You cannot solve a problem if you will not accept that it exists. Self-denial will always come first and admitting that a family member is a dope addict is not easy. But if he will only realize that he has a problem, the addiction can be easier to treat. As family members, you must be among the first ones to accept them. By doing this, he will be the one to initial the withdrawal. Reality bites but the truth shall set you free.


All of us needs someone to talk to, and by simply listening can help a lot to treat him. Most of them are escaping from things that are bothering them. So instead of making judgments, why not talk to him or her? Although he may be hesitant at first, convince and assure them that you can be trusted. Dedicate a time for the occasion and be ready to be calm about it. But of course, the best time to talk is when he is not high on drugs.

Solve the problem

Simply talking does not resolve the problem although it is a good start. After listening to his complains, find the answers to the problems and make sure they are the right ones. This may take time but assuring him that you will always be there for him is a big help. Their problems are too deep and the guidance requires consistency. The problem usually involves feelings and the only solution is to bring back the happiness in the family.


Drug addiction requires rehabilitation and family members cannot do it by themselves. Besides solving his problems, he needs to be treated. Otherwise, the addiction will continue or might get worst because his body is already used to it. Drug Detox is the first major step to cure his addiction. Drugs and Alcohol Rehab is the best place to do it, although it is really not as easy as one could think. This will take a lot of sacrifice from everyone in the family.

Unconditional love

The damage has been done and you cannot bring back the time. This is not just the problem of the victim but also of the whole family, and each member must be willing to contribute to solve it. Instead of blaming him or her, help him by visiting him as often as you can do. It is this time to show that you really care, and forsaking him will worsen the situation. Do not just rely on the doctors to cure him as the best medication he can take is unconditional love.

There is still hope after dope.

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Article Source: Happy Family Matters


  Caledonian Jim

August 16, 2008 at 5:55 PM

In my experience the most effective ( and the most brutal ) way of getting someone off dope is cold turkey .

Nearly 30 years ago a good friend of mine was a severe addict . His Father, who knew the local police, "arranged" to have him locked up on a trumped up public order charge for 90 days . Now in those days there were no rehab facilities and no human rights lawyers ! 90 days later the guy came out after what he described as "hell" and vowed never to do dope again . Today he is a very successful lawyer in Edinburgh, Scotland .

I'm not necessarily advocating such a treatment but it worked for him .