The Buttered Househusband

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Here in the Philippines, being a househusband is not quite acceptable because it is considered as a woman’s world and the culture says that the husband must be the one to bring home the bacon. This is not an easy decision especially if the husband has the higher education than the wife. But if the couple had no other choice, here is a list of important things to consider before having problems in the future.

Make an agreement

The wife should not oblige her husband to stay at home while she will do the working. This decision must be wholeheartedly agreed by both parties. You may start by considering the future of the children. Do some computations and evaluations in order to see the advantage. It is also better to talk about the potential problems and solutions especially if the wife will work outside the country.

Make proper endorsements

Most husbands are not familiar with the exact location of kitchen wares, flat iron, and other common household tools. Proper use of washing machine, time of bathing the children and other daily activities must be properly explained by the wife to her husband. On the other hand, the husband should give tips to his wife how to work safely, short cuts and landmarks, cheap gasoline stations and other travel and working tips.

Maintain healthy communication

Make open communication. Every end of the day, couples should at least ask each other, How was your day? Give some updates on each other’s daily activity, and do not neglect to compliment each other. You can even do these during office breaks or before the wife leaves her office. She should not also bring home her problems from work. Of course, she must not forget the passion of being a wife too.

Share the money talks

Although the husband does not earn money, the wife should still consult her husband how to spend the money wisely. Do not wait for your husband to ask money for his personal needs. You may buy him some but give him also to buy his own too. Similarly, the husband should respect the bread winner. You also know how hard it is to earn money.

Make the day-off worthwhile

During Sundays, the wife should do some cooking, bonding with the children and even help with their homework. The husband should also grab the chance to do some masculine work like fixing the fence, cleaning the car, etc. Also find some time to do some male exercises like physical sports and jogging. But do not forget that just like housewives, househusband has no day-off too.

It does not matter who works, it is the reason to work that matters.

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