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As I am looking for financial support to monetize this blog, I found SocialSpark. Although I learned that some bloggers were already members of this site, I did not join at once because I thought this is just another waste of time.

But when I was tempted to visit their site, I proved myself wrong. This is because of their great features and attractive offers. They have a community of bloggers where you can visit each member and socialize with them. Therefore, it can be good source of traffic.

But how can bloggers earn money?

Money can be earned through your blogs through Sponsored post where you will make a post about a certain product with an image, video or press release along with the post. Blog sponsorship is by posting a video, banner or text of the advertisers. Bloggers has many chances which they call opportunities. Tons of opportunities are waiting ahead depending on your blog topic and points of interest. After finding the right opportunity for you, you can reserve for it and wait for the advertiser to approve your blog. The good thing is they accept posts in English and in Spanish.

But before joining, here is their code of ethics.

100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure

Trust is very hard to earn especially when we are on line. This is because our readers are only relying on the words we write. This is why every submitted post must contain a snippet for a Disclosure badge at the end of the post, where it is being mentioned that you are being paid for that post. This is a good way of protecting bloggers and advertisers.

100% Transparency

To make ourselves believable and convincing, we must be 100% transparent to our readers. This is why they have a community of bloggers where the public can view whose advertisers the bloggers are dealing with.

100% Real Opinions

Honesty is still the best policy. This is the best part for me. A blogger is not restricted to say anything about his advertiser. If you find opportunities that you think is not right for you, do not push yourself just to earn money. After all, lies and off-topic posts can hurt your blogs. SocialSpark admin even suggests that we should alarm them when advertisers want us to post false information.

100% Search Engine Friendly

Search engines penalize bloggers and advertisers with paid links if they have the do-follow attribute. That is why both groups agree that they will manually remove it to make it a no-follow blog.

So that’s it. I am looking forward to make good business with them and I will update you on the progress of my membership. I hope you trust me that I will keep my promise to endorse only wholesome products and family friendly sites.

Lastly, I am inviting you to join them and see for yourself the spark of socializing with SocialSpark.

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