What made me join BuyBlogReviews

I would like to reserve this post to announce that finally, BuyBlogReviews has approved my blogs! This means that I can now make a bid to write for products and sites, and they will pay me according to the agreed payment. But how does it work?

BuyBlogReviews is a community of bloggers and advertisers wherein bloggers can be paid fairly by making quality posts for advertisers. A blogger can therefore make a bid only for topics that suits his blog.

As I joined them, I realized that there are a lot of categories to choose from, and family and blogging are definitely included which I like the most. This means that my readers will not suffer from my posts that they are not interested in because the products that I will review here is very much related to families.

And according to them, joining Technorati is a great advantage to win more customers.

Besides joining is FREE, your blogs can be approved within 72 hours and payment is being sent though Paypal. But what fascinates me is that bloggers can get 70% from each review which is according to them, the highest in industry. Now, I am not wondering why they are becoming so popular these days..

Of course, they are also welcoming advertisers who would want to join.

With this, I strongly suggest that you check them out. But be sure that you read, understand and agree with their Rules and Regulations before joining. You can visit them through the banner at the end of this post.

If you want to receive my future posts regularly, please feel free to subscribe in a reader or by e-mail. If you have concerns, please Contact Me anytime.

Article Source: Happy Family Matters