How to Spot and Stop a Potential Suicidal Family Member

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A family member who committed suicide is very hard to accept especially if you really did not expect that he will do it. This decision does not consider age, sex and religion. We must remember that the major reason why people commit suicide is because of untreated depression. This depression has many causes and the most common ones are horrible disappointments, great loss and hopelessness in life. Most often, we can see signs that can make us conclude that committing suicide will be his next option. Here are some of them and hopefully, you will not take them for granted.

Vocal about death

Although you might just think that a family member is not serious about it, do some actions before blaming yourself in the end. You must stop him from saying that he does not want to live anymore; he hates his life and things like that. The best thing you can do is to listen to all his complains about life. A suicidal person needs an inspirational conversation, not silence.

Doing weird actions

On the contrary, there are people who suddenly become quiet in sharing his problems. Other weird actions may include giving away his valuable things, always irritable, less concentration about things; and negative change of physical appearance and behavior. With this, all family members should be very sensitive about the sudden change and immediate communication with him is required. Have time to lend your ears, not your anger.

Performing poorly

This includes performing at work or in school. Some students are afraid to bring humiliation to the family because they have very high expectations to him but failed. Some businessmen and workers committed suicide because they fear that they cannot be able to recover again after a great loss. Again, they should be calmed down and help him wholeheartedly instead of blaming him.

Loosing sense of humor

You must be worried if a family member stops from smiling and making others laugh. Although you do know that he is a serious type of person, he still must have some funny notes. Taking life too seriously does not only make one unhealthy, it can also easily trigger depression. This habit should be changed and we as his love one should encourage him to join you in fun times.

Drug dependency

Drug dependents and addicts are most likely to commit suicide. This is because of the effect of what they are taking. They are always hallucinating and are becoming to be mentally ill. Unfortunately, some families reject their members who are victims of drugs instead of letting him be treated. Their reason may be due to lack of money or to maintain their high status in the community. I can frankly say this is a stupid kind of reasoning.

However, there are also people who commit suicide without any sign at all. This is because he is good in hiding his feelings and problems. All we can do is to know all our family members well, have a constant communication and provide immediate help once we know about it.

In addition, some suicide survivors have a tendency to do it again so we must not just leave them in a hospital during the treatment. Someone close to him should always be beside him. More than medical doctors; he needs someone who can understand him.

So if you know someone close to you who may be suicidal or you yourself, please feel free to visit - Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Support!

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April 6, 2008 at 1:58 AM

this is very true no matter children or adult we must concern of one another.

  Guardian Angel

April 6, 2008 at 6:26 AM

This is what family is all about...concern and love.

Thanks for dropping by.


April 8, 2008 at 12:21 AM

People would be shocked (and have been shocked when I've told them) of my suicidal thoughts in the past. And yes, it is related to depression. The only thing that has stopped me in the past is the selfishness of the act. It's so much more harmful to those left behind and not worth the 'release' that I may be seeking at the time. Many people don't understand. And I'm one of those with no external 'tells' to look for. I hide it well.

  Guardian Angel

April 8, 2008 at 6:31 AM

To tell you frankly, I admire you. Only few people are courageous enough to share their dark past esp. with this case. This is due to the stigma that suicidal people are crazy.

Again, one thing that people need is outlet or someone who can talk to and understand them.

Thanks for dropping by.